Hong Kong Blood Opera (WIP) AUGUST 8th. Chapters 1-9 playable



I can’t believe I didn’t notice this for so long. I love 1980’s Hong Kong (and Japanese and Taiwanese) action/crime movies!

I only have one question from my quick glance I noticed the mc can only be attracted to or at least get involved with girls during their youth/childhood. Can we in fact play as a gay guy in this work?


There should be saves option in this


Yes there are three male ROs but they need more development in the early game. Thank you for raising that.


Thanks it seemed to me that this game was straight orientation locked. Glad to see my first impressions were mistaken.
Okay upon returning to Hong Kong when it comes to clothing options, since this is set in the modern day I was a little surprised you listed Don Johnson in Miami Vice as one of the options. Still it is an homage to the 1980’s I suppose… (For a young guy like the mc it’s at least 30 years out of date by this point though. Now the dad, our dear departed dad, is someone I could see as never really having gotten past this look in wardrobe choices).:sweat_smile:

My mc though would far prefer Andy Lau’s outfits in fulltime killer as far as over-the-top flamboyant (and cool) clothing options go


Where dose this game end to


Awesome. I totally need to update the wardrobe


You can’t play the end in the demo. There’s gangster endings, cop buddy endings, a heist, Chinese urban fantasy/ghost story ending, journalism and martial arts mayhem. Those are the main types of ending and there’s quite a few variants and minor goals as well.


No fast boys, fast cars ending? I mean my mc is no slouch with guns or martial arts, apparently but his main passion seems to be cool cars and other toys for boys. :grin:

Okay that might come close.

Yep, I totally like Andy’s wardrobe in that movie, particularly the colored leather clothes. :sunglasses:
It definitely won’t make the mc go unnoticed but then I assume that is the point in choosing the cooler/more flamboyant options in the first place.


There are chase scene options about all over the place.


Good to know. :+1: I haven’t ventured much past the mc’s youth and return to Hong Kong. Wardrobe selection is as far as I have gotten thus far.

Okay spotted something, we can apparently introduce our mc’s to one of father’s shady acquiantances before we actually get to name our mc’s. So it looks like this:
"Hello I’m [name] " "He doesn’t answer right away. There’s an uncomfortable silence while she surveys you and Baiyu. You feel like you’re being sized up. "

And here’s another one:

*selectable_if (crazy > 44) Climb in through the sunroof and politely ask for a lift.

A tiny typo here:

It’s an intimate space that is mostly full. There’s room for a few mmore. more

Slightly unconventional but very stylish and understand. I think the word you’re looking for is understated.

(*hideif chips <250000)Call and raise another fifty grand

"You’re Your father was in deep shit with a lot of gangsters. Football hooligan who landed some hard doors in London.

The driver breaks brakes hard, it’s doors open and frantic people jump out.

And a more serious error here:

“I’m Brandon. Thanks for coming.” You say.

She raises an eyebrow. “You’re related to the deceased?”

“Yes I’m his daughter.” Should be son in my mc’s case.


I am going to speak to some of my gay friends. I only live in the gayest neighborhood in the UK so it’s not hard to get some advice on gay romance. Any feedback or advice is welcome.


I was going to suggest a crush on Jet Fai for my boy racer but then I learned he’s my mc’s long lost brother :sweat_smile:
My mc other crush would probably have been Spin, so getting to prioritize spending time with him over Donnie in the childhood parts would be nice. Hmmm…what else, if my mc had a crush on him from childhood he’d have probably tried to keep tabs on the guy at least through the publicly available media and the internet. So a gay mc interested in the guy likely already knows about his briefly super-successful game company and him making a fortune at 25 and also that he lost it again. Lastly if my mc always had a crush on the guy and had reason to suspect it was in fact reciprocated he’d be far more angry that Spin never bothered to respond to any of his emails or possibly even old-fashioned snail mail letters (probably during the time he had his succesful company so my mc could have at least tried to send a letter to the office address).

Also looking forward to the updated wardrobe choices (particularly for male mc of course). :+1:
In addition to the over the top flamboyant and supremely cool outfits Andy Lau wears in that assassin flick you cannot go wrong with the nicely tailed suit for the less flamboyant occasions. Stuff like this. Since the game notes the mc is (or at least used to be) a “rich kid” some of those styles might suit him and they’d be more up to date than Don Johnson’s Miami Vice style. :wink:
Or simply the sports coats with some designer pants/jeans and a (polo) shirt for the more casual sort of look.

Of course, all gay guys are different and even some on these forums scarcely care about fashion. Looking at thee oh watcher of colourful avians. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But then you already cater to that crowd within the current options.


Hmm I wrote stuff about Spin that covers most of the points you mentioned. Where did it go? I’ll have to go fishing in my text files. Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m also considering fleshing out Brad a bit more and developing him as an RO.

The male ROs need a lot more work. Ack.


Went to the funeral as a male


Ooops, forgot to update that variable from default on gender selection. That variable defaults to “daughter”. I missed a trick there.

Thank you very much for raising that. I’ll get that fixed with the next update.