Hong Kong Blood Opera: New DEMO 20th June

Yes you definitely Spin again in a variety of arcs.


^^ thx

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@Jose_Garcia welcome back

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Welcome back chief good to see your okay


I am sorry for the long quiet.I’ve been working on the game every day believe it or not. It’s now over 422,000 words long.

I must stop adding arcs and branches!


Heh no worries chief the end result is gonna be amazing and it wouldn’t be a real Hong Kong story without some truly crazy story branches and twists


I’m updating the demo this week. Chapters 1-5 which is about 100,000 words. There’s a lot of arcs still “under the hood” (ie not fully integrated into the chapter files for chapter 6-11).


Just tried this out last night (at like 3am…lol) so from what I do remember before passing out was that it was a really interesting concept. Loved the story and the characters that we met so far! Good job :smile::+1:

@Bananahead_101 Thank you for the kind words. I updated the first five chapters of the game, just over 100,000 words. Still a lot more work to do.

The game is currently 409,000 words (I axed about 18,000 words in editing over the past two weeks). There’s still much more work to do to make the 400,000 words playable but I’m chipping away at it every day.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and emotional support I couldn’t do it without you.