Hong Kong Blood Opera Chapter Updated Feb 25th 15,000 words added


Thank you so much for this suggestion. I’ll never get tired of hearing them. Thank you so much.

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I think I know the problem to what I’m referring to. The brainy stat isnt present at the stats page, and when I choose the brainy action during the ship assault with Baiyu it autofails.

I dont know if this is also intentional but the part where you gather intel about Lok’s party, all of the stat checks fail. Same with saving Sister Ting.

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Thanks for that. No those checks aren’t supposed to fail all the time. I’ll hopefully have this all fixed this weekend.


I’ve spent the last nine days on edits of the Macau Chapter. This is a beast of a chapter, it’s nearly 70,000 words but seeing how important it is I wanted to get it in better shape. Chapters 8 and 9 need a editing too but that won’t take as long. Chapter 10 should be coming out in early January.

I haven’t addressed all the feedback on my to do list yet. Hopefully I’ve addressed the problem of the difficult on the checks in the Sister Ting banquet scene flagged by @AlexHaydenX. Thanks to everyone for their feedback, I really appreciate it, it’s absolute gold to me and it all gets added to my to do list.


Thanks to everyone who has played, commented, cajoled, criticized and pushed me over the past year. You all mean so much to me.

I have been a busy bee on this project and I’m going to be writing and editing during the holidays but I won’t be debugging and updating the demo until the new year.

There will be new chapters, smoldering romantic tension and torturous decisions in the coming year. I hope to finally finish this project next year. I know you’ve heard me say that before but trust me… I’ve got a plan.


I posted a fairly major update to the game yesterday, the culmination of a month’s work.

I revised Chapters 9 and 10
Added Chapter 11, this is the conclusion of the Manila section and the start of what comes after.

There’s still a few bits of playtester feedback unaddressed which I’ll pick off before the next update. Chapter 12 will probably take me about 2 weeks to get up.

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback. I’m loving the work and I look forward to showing you what comes next.



When in manilla my gun is referred to as “none” I shoot with none


This rocks alot! So excited for the heist :heart_eyes:

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Thank you kindly for pointing that out. I’ll get that sorted out.

@Otaku_Mode Thank you kindly for the kind words. I’m excited about the heist too.

Been really enjoying your story, Great Job🔥

Question: are we able to play all the arcs or do we have to choose one?

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I just started this and for some reason when I choose my gender as neutral, it skips the name customization later on.

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I’m glad you’re enjoying it, thank you kindly for your kind words.

The answer to your question is “it depends”. You need to choose an arc early. Of the three starting arcs. The Donnie arc is the most flexible. The Spin allied heist aka “The Macau Job” is the least flexible.

Later on in the game new arcs begin appearing. There’s opportunities to change Arcs, change goals within your arc and even combine some arcs under the right circumstances.

But you can’t pursue all arcs at once in a single playthrough.

Thank you very much for pointing this out. I fiddled with the name customization recently and must have introduced a new bug in the process. I’ll get this fixed but it won’t be visible in the demo right away.


Have you made changes to the chapter where Sister Ting gets kidnapped? Its still hard to succeed in it for me.

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Thanks for letting me know. I did make changes to these checks. I’ll make some more tweaks because it should be hard but not too hard.

Yeah, I think you should give options for the MC to train his skills so that players are prepared to face hard skill checks.


I’ve done something different than most games. There are no training opportunities until much later in the game.

However whenever the MC fails at something important they get a big boost to the skills and traits they were using when they failed. The worse the failure the bigger the boost.

I’ve added Chapter 12 to the game. This is the most sophisticated chapter yet programming wise. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing and coding it.

The chapter is 22,000 words but it’s also branchier and more code heavy than previous chapters so it probably has a much shorter playthrough to length ratio.


@AlexHaydenX I have tweaked the skill progression. Thank you for your feedback on the difficulty of those checks.


Code seen in choices
Every option gives me this message

I too hit the “no selectable options” error

@Gregor_Maloney and @Aoyama_Blue_Mountain

Thank you so much for this feedback. I really appreciate it.