Hong Kong Blood Opera Chapter Updated Feb 25th 15,000 words added

There is Chinese Police Kung Fu which evolved from Jeet Kun Do (and I would say it’s much more bad ass). In my opinion the Chinese Police have continued the evolution that Bruce Lee started. There is an opportunity to learn their system if you can persuade a certain someone to teach you. There’s also a form of Wing Chun which incorporates some of Bruce Lee’s moves (ie the One Inch Punch technique) which is good for stickwork (nunchuks, staffs, umbrellas) and swarms of opponents. So you can fight like Bruce Lee did in his movies if you like.

There’s also a few other styles. Boxing and kickboxing (which I’m most familiar with), The Flying Tiger System, Parkour Kung Fu and Southern Dragon Dunken style. Then there are a few mythical powers in the late game like Fire on the Mountain. There’s also unskilled improvised action options.

As far as NPCs they use other fighting styles of their own. There’s Silat (as seen in the movie The Raid which is also an inspiration), japanese martial arts and other styles of Kung Fu.


Hmm, I’ll have to smooth out that scene on the next pass through. I rewrote that bit just before I posted the Demo so I probably introduced errors.

I made sure to include a trenchcoat. It has the highest weapon concealment rating of any wardrobe choice in the game. So a trenchcoat is a a good choice if you take a tragedy prone Walking Arsenal approach.

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I’m liking the story so far! Will we get to choose mc’s name and appearance?

it’s not hidden?

but could the outcome satisfy all type of players? because this could potentially result in ragequit when someone is far into the game just to find their stats aren’t sufficient to get their desired ending.
also because of this i found myself checking the stat screen after each choice to make sure i spread the stats evenly…it kinds of break the immersion.



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Your father got in the back

imo “emanated” feels strange…maybe gushed or spread?


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Coding the end is going to be tricky. Failure in the mid game sends you to lick your wounds/taken prisoner scenes which give you an opportunity to improve your stats. Generally success is achievable but getting a hell yeah ending with no tragic moments is hard. Thanks for mentioning the stats screen. I might change them from percentages to more granular adjectives so there’s less temptation to constantly check. You don’t necessarily want all stats to be high. High angry crazy or tragic all cause problems down the line.

There’s a rudimentary clothing menu at the end of the demo. It still needs a lot of work. Is that what you meant by appearance?

I was thinking more environmental combat. He always has interesting ways to use random stuff to win fights. He know’s several styles, Karate, Judo, TaeKwonDo, & Jeet Kune Do, but his primary style he learned while in his Chinese Opera training was Wing Chun this is where he gets a lot of his acrobatics. This is primarily seen in his earlier films.

Selecting stats results in error
Choicescript_line 15 nonexsistant variable “clothes”

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Wing Chun is in a lot of movies. The IP man series is all about Wing Chun, it’s a mythological retelling of the life story of Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun instructor.

I am currently adding three more chapters at the moment. One of the characters you can meet is a Wing Chun practioner, she uses umbrellas. They can be great weapons, the hook is great for snaring wrists and disarming opponents and they’re legal. You don’t have to conceal an umbrella.

There are kungfu + snark combat combat options. Snark is also your general “comedy” skill. So if you have a high snark and a not so bad kung fu (and low tragic) you can overcome obstacles that way.


I been meaning to ask this, will be able too name your mc and this happens when you press the show stats button

@Jose_Garcia - Since many people may not be familiar with the genre, perhaps a section devoted to explaining the influences and history of the Hong Kong Action movie. From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan and all the others I know very little about, such a section would be received well by many.

Heck, you can even talk about the games that have been made and the virtual novels that are making a comeback as well.

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Nvm about the name thing i ask about

More errors
Is this supposed to end here

The other error

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I fixed those. Sorry, I updated the scenes but didn’t upload the new stats page. I’ve been working on a new destructable wardrobe system.


That’s a great idea. I’ve started doing that.

I know a thing or two about some of the games inspired by this genre I designed and published two of them. Shadowfist The Collectible Card Game and Feng Shui the roleplaying game.

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You completely hooked me with “fighting like Bruce Lee”. I’m so in. Going to give this a try later and give my opinion on this.

Edited: Alrighty, I just gave this a shot and I liked what you had so far. Although I did find some errors in coding like showing the stat based choices that shows up even if you don’t have a certain stat high enough and this happens at least three times from what I’ve seen. Clothing choices was pretty neat (leather jacket wearing-revenge seeking Kung Fu fighter guy? Yep that’s me!) so thumbs up for that. Also I want to ask, will there be opportunities to use the katana in a fight?


There will be at least one katana sword thingy

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Selectable names will be coming soon.

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I got locked out of the “I’ll never forget the look in her eyes” choice and wasn’t last time.

so the mc is approx. 36 y.o?

I’ve made some changes to the demo. There’s some new content and I’ve also tinkered with some of the stats. I’ve also added a few lock outs on the choices.

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The MC is 33 years old

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