Honest Trails - (WIP)



Honest Trails was my submission for the 2017 CSComp hosted by the ever-wonderful @lordirish

Journey in the city of New Denningham, a city-state (I seem to have a fondness for them, don’t I?) located in the Freelands on the continent of Azadora. New Denningham is a city rife with crime, corruption, and poverty. As one of the unlucky ones, The Gutterborn, you have no family to call your own, no money, and no future.

Learn the complex relations that binds the criminals of New Denningham, run your own crew or go solo, contend with the malicious plots of rival crews, criminals, Security Corps, and the government of New Denningham itself. Most importantly, survive.

Note: Honest Trails is currently NOT my priority for writing. Project Legends: The Battlemage and The Ranger are but I figured I would make the thread for Honest Trails because I DO work on it a bit on the side to refresh myself and I plan on working on it fully after The Battlemage and The Ranger are done (whenever that is.)

Though that does not mean I am not adverse to comments, criticisms, etc on the story. As always, I hope that my works can bring some small amount of enjoyment to my readers and thank you for taking some of your time to read Honest Trails.



Welkom bek.

I’m glad this WIP isn’t thrown into dustbin and then lost, never be found. :two_hearts:


There’s an error after Big Lug talks to you.
activities line 196: Non-existent variable ‘bestfriend’


I’ve the same problem


I see what the problem is. You are not supposed to be able to speak to Big Lug yet as that section is incomplete. I forgot to remove the *goto for that. I will have that fixed in a moment.


Absolutely love it so far keep up the good work and i hope this isn’t against the rules saying this but please dont let this be another great game that gets lost and forgotten i really have high hopes.

can we tell ice mettle we love her without wanting to leave because i like being in charge and i like her character ?


Very promising start and even though this is just speculation for a possibly far off future, will we ever be able to try and take on what appears to be the biggest gang racket of them all, the government and its Security Corp?


Telling her to stay with you? Huh, yeah.

Definitely. That is one of the paths in the main story itself.


activities line 177: increasing indent not allowed, expected 2 was 3



Loving the story so far can’t wait to see how it develops.


Small update. Added a few more interactions with Ice Mettle and Pipe and fixed a few bugs. You should NOT be able to interact with Big Lug just yet.


…well that was one awesome, bot sadly short, demo. I will be watching its progress with extreme interest. Just my type of game.


This sounds interesting can’t wait for more


Just played it can’t wait to see how it develops. Definitely keeping an eye on this and The Battlemage also.

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