Homosexuality vs. heterosexuality in my book I'm writing? Opinions?


So,I’ve started to write a book. I won’t go into too much detail but it has four protagonists. Two girls two boys,on boy is gay,one is straight. Both of the girls are straight but quite early on one of them develops a crush on her best friend who happens to be female. So,what are your thoughts on homosexuality,heterosexuality in a book? I’m not going to take it out,but I could kind of like do less of the homosexual romances. So,um,yeah. My opinion is obvious but I’ll accept any and all opinions as long as you can back them.

Oh,this is a regular ol’ book,btw. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re wondering what the community’s stance on homosexual relationships are, then I can tell you that, in my opinion, it’s a very good and accepting one as a whole. By this point, it’s almost standard to include equal opportunity for homosexual and heterosexual romantic options, or not to do romance at all.

More importantly though, it’s your story, write it in whatever way you feel comfortable.


Personally, if I were writing a story and someone complained about homosexual romances, I’d say that they weren’t someone I wanted as a fan. That said, I’m about as diplomatic as a spiked baseball bat when it comes to bigotry, so that approach might work less well for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want the characters to be distinctly different,and everything is going to be knitted together,for example in Protag. Nr.1 sees something happening,it migt have affected protag.2 but since they dont know each other,protag.1 wouldn’t know. ^-^


In today’s day and age, it’s a social norm. I’m not gay myself but support it and if you were or were not to make a game with a homosexual character, I’d read it either way


Um,it’s "Off-Topic since its a regular book,not a choice book. I just cant figure out choicescript at all. XD I mat perhaps write a book in the same universe(it’s really fantasy, but if I were to make a CoG it would be set in a different country,and there’d be only one protag…).


Again, either way, I’d take a look at it if the setting interests me


Fantasy Romance Adventure Slice of life. I guess. Action too.
I’m thinking of making a triology. And then another fourthe book which is set where people who aren’t normal are kind of hunted and killed. That’d be horror,action,romance,fantasy I guess. XD


I think it is going to be a big plus if you give the MC the choice to be homosexual. But I don’t believe it is an absolute must.


It is not a game,but a regular book. I plan on maybe making a cog :heart:


I’d say, if you think you can make it work and seem natural, and not cliched or stereotyped, go for it.

Of course, the same applies for any sort of romance, really.


I think it’s not a requirement at all. It would really depend on you as the writer/author/story teller of the game. If you want to add it then why not? If you don’t like to add it again why not?

It’s your world and that is what really matters than someone hounding you to add this and that which could make you lose interests in your game.


Again, he’s said it’s not a game. It’s a novel.

And while I would agree that it’s best to do what works best for you, I will say that, personally, I would be much more likely to be interested in a book (or game, or movie) if I knew it had non-heteronormative characters and relationships.


I generally don’t read novels that have a straight relationship as the main focus. Because I’m unspeakably tired of it all. (There are some exceptions, but those are few and far between.)
Really, I’m at a point where I would cry out in joy about a book that has no romance at all. Because they ALWAYS do and I can’t deal with that crap anymore. Whatever happened to valuing friendship and family?

Anyway, do what you want. No matter what you decide, there will always be people who won’t be interested in your book due to that decision. Write what you feel comfortable with.


As everyone else seemed to mention, the community has a general accepting view of homosexuality. Personally books that feature or focus on homosexuality interest me more because it spices things up.


Some are straight some are gay,just like IRL.
And @Blackrising You’d love Ayane. She’s all about family and doesn’t reqlly have time for love. Well,she falls for her best friend but she is sure her best friend sees her as a sister and nothing more so she soldiers on :slight_smile:
@Aera I’m bi,so I think I would really like for people to kinda get in the shoes of someone who is for example,a gay male who is actually kind manly and acts “Straight” except without the gurls part. ^-^
@Everyone thx for all your support! :slight_smile:


That’s one thing, amongst many reason, I liked Garth Nix’s books. Romance is minimal most of the time. There’s a ‘bit’ but it never gets bogged down in it.

Go for whatever, OP, in this community it’s the characters and how they’re written, not their gender that matters.


Only time I have a problem with it is when a character is written as gay for no other reason than to be gay.


Make characters first.~Then sexuality.