Home of awesome images


Here is a majestic place where lions live,

and any other awesome images you have go.
Basically post all your awesome images, and add genre tags if they apply.
For example the lions are in the awesome genre. Seriously though, yeah.


Okay I’ll keep the ball I started rolling rolling, and add some awesome quotes form my favourite TV Show–

When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like “What!?”

If you love something, set it free. Unless it’s a tiger.


aww come on guys, this thread is a good idea :grinning:

Heres all my favourite images, I added my team logo in as well which I made myself :triumph:. anyway a ghost image is included because I love the unexplained, the dragon for obvious reasons, wolves are my favourite animal, and a loftwing from legend of Zelda and the demon represent my trouble maker side and also magic.


I have tumblr for this, but u know me, I’m autistic, and being autistic I’ll take any chance to throw my special interest at people.


I share you image interest there dude :grin:.


/yells/ im not a dude

tellius! tellius! tellius! Maybe one day I can rope a friend into helping me code some… fan cog game or something…


ok then pal :grin: :grin: :grin:
well if you need help with character creation just PM me, I have a blank schedule.


Hmmm… gifs?

Urgh, have to save and everything. Anyway, todays been a…
Fantasy-tastic day!

But sadly, all fantasies must come to an… end

But hey, Earth’s pretty awesome too!


Add .gif or .PNG manually if it ends in a number


Sorry that this isn’t an awesome image, but wow-- people come from our site from alterego, tv tropes and ifdb something. I always thought you searched game and got here :wink:

And our site leads to: dropbox, chooseyourstory.com, dashingdom and youtube.


(I lied)

And 0.05 paid searches. Huh.

Ooh and people here also go to newarcana.tumblr.com, so thats a plus.


I don’t, coz I find tumbler a bit dull some of the time. Just my opinion folks.


These are some of the prettiest images from anime:


Wow, the last two look so real :astonished: I’m impressed.


Garden of Words is lovely in animation. Wolf Children and the Girl who Leapt through Time are gr8 too.



Fear the Fuzzy?
Ha! :wink:


Used this as my phone wallpaper for quite some time

Now I use this as my wallpaper

Something which I used for a project of mine.

A picture a friend of mine made a week ago while he was on holiday

A certain lie was told within April


This gif isn’t awesome, but it had served me extremely well in the past few months