Holy Ordos WIP [a Warhammer 40k inspired game] [updated v0.4.1, 2020/08/05]

yeah, ngl writing in a pre-existing setting with a game framework helps a lot. Holy Ordos basically started as my attempt to adapt a computer version of a tabletop roleplaying game, rather than to write a particular story. It was always a rpg adaptation first. That it now has reams of my own (derivative) writing in it is just additional.


Maybe its derivative, but whats really original nowadays anyway lol. I’m enjoying your stuff so, yeah xD. As for the game yeah I can see the influence with the rolls for stats and stuff, kinda reminds me of what larians doing with baldurs gate.


I was writing a piece of wh40k fanfic about a psychic that was particularly adept at biomancy and I remembered your game, @Alice-chan and wondered if it wouldn’t be a possibility for our mc to change themselves physically if they would master biomancy, from little aesthetic bits here and there to maybe something more drastic like it could be a change of gender so the game at its base would maintain its core of a female mc but with the possibility to be anything they fancy and still adhere to the lore

Happy new year btw, may you have a happy sanguinala too


Yeah, I don’t see why not. The “ultimate goal” of the biomancer is complete control over their own flesh and the sourcebook is quite clear that this can involve some really radical changes: quadruped, burrower, flier, crocodile jaw bite attacks and so on. These radical changes are meant to be temp changes but they give an indication of quite how drastically the biomancer can control their flesh so any sort of less radical bodily changes including appearance should basically be “at will”.


Dark Heresy has powers for that ye though they have to be sustained and have a highish Power Threshold. I’d say Biomancy’s real prize in DH though would be Regenerate which lets you regrow limbs and organs.

Writing away, still disappointed I didn’t make my end of year goal, but bits are being added and filled it. I remembered that you just need to write and clean it up later, and not obsess about getting it perfect first time. haha, if only it was that easy.

Currently working on the finale to chapter 3, which is meant to be this frantic puzzle to try and work out how to escape - its a tricky thing because that’s the sort of thing that doesn’t seem to work all that well in a text based game compared to playing PnP with a GM - the restrictions of having to pre-code things rather than just adapt to what the player wants to do/find out. I played the new Baldur’s Gate 3 (early access) game and it reminded me of the same thing - computer games, text based or otherwise, just can’t even get close to the versatility of an in person GM.

The two ways i’ve seen it done are the Evertree Inn/Sordwin style of gathering clues then picking from a list of option solutions, or the Samurai of Hyuga enter solution in a text box. Both have their serious drawbacks, but I think the former, tied with some stat-testing is the way to go. - I basically don’t want to rely too heavily on having the player need to remember specific information, since that never seems to work out well.

edit: i just tallied up chapter 3 now and its at 120,000 words, hooray. Had to split it into 4 parts to make it manageable. For reference, chapter 2 was around 80,000 words. Now to finish this thing lol.