Holy Ordos WIP [a Warhammer 40k inspired game] [updated v0.4.1, 2020/08/05]

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I asked for this to be unlocked because I am still working on it, honest: I just didn’t do any work on it in October.

Currently 2nd drafting the first half (more like third) of chapter 3, which I think is live on dashingdon (I forget) and bringing the second third up to playable level - which it is close-ish to.


A great, great game, too bad it’s gender locked. At first I didn’t even realize that I have entered a triangle relationship when trying to grow closer to our teammates so it’s pretty confusing


Thanks :slight_smile:

I know right :frowning:. It is my intention to do something about this one day, but its low priority.

Yeah, that’s my bad. The relationship stuff is a mess at the moment. See bugs, issues, mistakes, inconsistencies or just things that are not properly explained let me know and I will put them on the endless to-do list!


Okay, just complete the list, I will continue becoming a heartless killing machine and abandon my teammates

It’s nice to see you back. I quite enjoyed your WIP

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A little typo

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A bug, although I didn’t have many power, the game allows us to use every abilities at this scene

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That’s a blessing by the God-Emperor to allow you to fulfill your work regardless of your actual prowess


@Manaxaggd Fixed, thanks

Also laughing: finally a use for psychic stench in the game :relieved:

The psychic stench will probably the most powerful power in existence if this is a kid-friendly game without violence but unfortunately that we are in a universe where mad gods create mad daemons for madly wars

380 000 words as of today. Those were the numbers I wanted to see.


I don’t want to make this request but can you PLEASE add a “special help” ( cheat ). I know, I know, it will make this game less interesting, less intriguing,… but the dice system is irritating, I failed a intelligence check when facing the daemons and even after abuse the save system countless times ( yes, it’s literally COUNTLESS times ) I still can’t pass the check ( 43 intelligence ). The fellowship is even worse, I can’t remember how many times I have to reset the game to roll the perfect stats just to get the right dialogue when talking to someone ( 38 fellowship )

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@Manaxaggd Could you please tell me where these two particular dice roles are (which chapter, where in chapter, include a text snippet). I would like to track them down and look at the code.

I have no objection to cheat mode in principle, but if certain checks are very frustrating then perhaps they should be lowered anyway.


Fellowship : When we convince the captain ( don’t actually remember his role ) to get more information about what happened in the mine.
Intelligence : The intelligence check required to realize the crystal immediately in chapter 1. The chess game with the captain in chapter 3( I buffed luck and blather and still be pitied as a beginner)
Maybe it’s just bad luck

If it is the one I am thinking about Its probably because you don’t have Forbidden Lore (Daemons)

*if int_1d100 <= (((int + 10) + Flore_modifier) * FLore_daemon)

but since FLore_daemon is always going to be 0 at this early stage unless you start with the blighted schola origin, it will autofail without that specific background (you have 0 knowledge of daemons). I will have a think - I seem to remember it checked Forbidden Lore (Warp) in some previous iteration.

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Been gone for a while and I see there have been quite a few updates! I’m gonna get started on a playthrough right now. Gotta say Alice, I really love this WH40K project, I wish I had the drive to do something like this too. Even though I like to write alot writers block kills any big projects id ever start on before I get too far. Maybe one day I’ll get something out tho.


Cool, thanks. Hope you enjoy the new(ish) stuff. There should be a lot to play through now - it’s as long as a lot of published games. I started and discarded 10s of projects before I started this one so I wouldn’t feel like it is beyond anyone to do something similar.


Guess it helps to be writing in such a great universe too, there’s so much to write about in universes like 40k and say star wars.