Holy Ordos ["Warhammer 40k"] WIP [updated v0.2, 2020/02/20]

Raging heroes do female versions of 40k models though most are a bit to skimmy (the dark eldar range is nice though) but of course they are labeled as something else.

something just feels “off” about their sisters of battle knockoffs, except maybe the sister repentia which i really like, and the dark eldar look too much like ye olde fantasy elves with gun, though i do quite like the “slaanesh elves” stuff… warhammer opinions

Being a gamemaster in Dark heresy, I am intrigued in your game and waiting to see more.

here is my update so anyone who is interested knows that I am still working working working.

I have crossed over 100,000 words, hooray, 107,000 to be precise. That includes fixing a lot of errors which I found going back through the early stuff which you can play through in the old demo (this is not updated sorry!)

A lot of things are coming together, including the first major “downtime” bit after chapter 2, chapter 2 itself is “almost complete” at 40,000+ words, more secrets to discover, items to collect, background specific flavor text, talents that actually work, explanations in char creation about what things mean, more opportunities to dress up and also to purge heretics, the beginnings of your inevitable fall to corruption, romance, the whole works :innocent:


Don’t downplay the massive achievement that is writing a thousand words a day. That is extremely impressive.

Personally, I don’t have an issue with it being gender-locked if it serves the story - all I want is to kill heretics and serve the Emperor.

I’m looking forward to the update. :slight_smile:


Thanks :), I’m so pleased with what I have managed to do and with the progress I have made, I really think this is coming together, I just wish I had something to share :pensive:, but not yet not yet.


Don’t kick yourself too hard for it. We’ll know everything you’ve come up with when the update finally drops.

I’ll eagerly await until then.

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mine eyes are larger than mine head, the startup page has > 500 variables and there’s hundreds more *temp ones; truly we serve the Emperor with our faith and devotion, and with faith there must also sometimes come sacrifice.

Annnnyway, nanowrimo writing means i’m at a mighty 124,000 words. That’s like the length of a full game. (if only ha ha) - I’m currently trying to write and also code a thirty item auction of dangerous artifacts from the void while desperately trying not to let scope creep kill me (also ha ha). i am nothing if not a terrible tease :innocent:


here is my regular post to say that I am still working - wordcount stands at 151,000 :sweat_smile:

Congrats. To be honest, I really enjoyed reading it and I’m really looking forward to future updates. Now if you excuse me I gotta do research on Warhammer 40k to get a better understanding of the bigger world.

Short summary: everything sucks, forever and for everyone (but even more so for psykers). Except for the orks, the orks are having grand old time.

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Ooooh, a dark heresy game…

Will this be in callistria system?
And will you post your game on hosted game?
And will you make romance or political romance? (could be fun with being a bride to the emperor)

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… as a psyker, you REALLY don’t want to be brought before the emperor. He eats them to live. For a generous definition of living anyway.


Calixis sector.

Holy shit, when did I open my dark heresy book for the last time?

For character creation, maybe doing a semi random choice could be better.

I mean for the tarot and the touch of the emperor. Randomly make us choose between two or three choices.
That’s what I did as a GM. Let my player roll the dice two times and choose the tarot that he think concern his character.

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ill bear it in mind; i am going to keep it as it is for now, since i have other things to work on and i prefer the randomization element personally - however don’t despair(!) it should be possible to provide a togglable option at the beginning to select between a default randomization and an optional pick menu for both, but since it doesn’t actually add any new content and just goes sideways im going to shelve the idea for now :innocent:

in answer to the other questions -

  1. yep, its calixis sector, some visited planets: seraphis secundus, scintilla, solomon,
  2. even though dark heresy 1st ed is unsupported abandonware it will not be posted on hosted games since it is other peoples ip and this is fanfic - it is entirely unmonetized
  3. yes (both) but i don’t want to spoil anything ^^

edit: since i last posted i wrote 5,000 words, hooray for productivity :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for your kind answer :blush:
I am really excited by a dark heresy game, you’re making a dream come true.

I like this game but perhaps you should make a auto-save system. A save system could be too easy, but just an auto save that coul work ONLY when we died could be cool.
We can die easely in this game I think :blush:

the plan is to have a checkpoint system - however, making any sort of save system is dependent on saving every global variable, and I am still adding variables and messing around with the ones I have implemented, so I’m “saving” the save system for later.

As far as things stand It is very possible for you to die, but I think its actually quite difficult to do so at this stage since you need a string of very bad luck and poor choices - I am still playing around with difficulty

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I wrote 50,000 words in 18 days - its like nanowrimo but it just the past 18 days.

here is the pudding, plus a look at my ‘work’:


Congrats. I remember when I used to write. Wasn’t able to do that many words but my buddies liked my short stories. Anyway, you put the amount of words I write to shame. Keep up the good work in the new year, I do look forward to future updates

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