Holy Ordos ["Warhammer 40k"] WIP [updated v0.2, 2020/02/20]

warhammer is pretty niche and very nerdy - it is also expensive

anyway, ive written somemore, that is, i am still writing.


All good bud no judgement, just caught me off guard.

Yea it is. I personally don’t even play it I just think it’s cool and occasionally buy a miniature just to have. They are also good to use for role playing games as visual aids.
(Gurps fan)

4-Chan scares me a bit it’s a half step better than league of legends in game chat.

The Emperor protects us in our time of need in this holiest of holy games.


Loooovvvveeee warhammer, ugh I just wanna be everything in it! I wanna play as a sister of battle, an inquisitor, an astarte, an imperial navy captain, a death korp soldier, gimmmmmmeeee


It is shocking to see someone who never heard of WH40k. I live in a backwater that was using donkeys as a primary mode of transportation in my lifetime and I heard of it.

I don’t even like tabletops. But hey youtube pointed me to Emperor Text-To-Speech. So I’ll just take it as the God-Emperor being real and pointing me to his holiness. Praise be.

What why? Why would anyone want to be one? Yes they are awesome, but by the Emperor. I wouldn’t want to be one. I guess it’s like Grey Knights. They’re awesome excluding their abomination against all that was, is and will be. But by the Emperor their training.


Because as much as I love everything else on that list, I gotta add something guard. They protect the Emperor’s domain sometimes with nothing except their las gun, helmet and maybe a flak vest, they’re the real ultimate badasses! Emperor protects.

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I would rather be a Kasrkin trooper or a Kill squad trooper or even a Tempestus scions there all bad asses.

im curios what character that we interacted with you liked most and why
im personally not sure myself so many to choose from.

I went after Solaria.

Just wanted to drop by really quick and say: Heck Yeah! Warhammer 40K interactive fan-fic! Best news of the week!

So, thank you.


a little update: i took a break from writing for a bit but now I am at 77,000 words

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"7,000 words?

Sweet God Emperor you are a writing machine spirit!


impressive writing btw alice

I finally made it to 80,000 words. But I cheated - I started chapter 3 instead of finishing chapter 2 because i got bogged down - ive got a to-do list a mile long to bring chapter 2 into a sembelence of something that can be shared. I am enjoying writing chapter 2 but sometimes its nice to jump around.

As i mentioned in the op, im basically just adapting scenarios into choicescript with some flair and some characters i made up, so for chapter 3 I thought I would start the bulk of the game proper, since chapter 1 is the trial by fire, and chapter 2 is a taster for interaction and investigation + laying groundwork for a “main antagonist”; plus it allowed me to explore the vast wealth disparities in the hives and write about going to balls (but in space); now i hope to adapt the four haarlock legacy scenarios as the “plot” of my game, starting with house of dust and ash if anyone is familiar with pen and paper dark heresy.

Starting a new mission rather than finishing an old one, whatever would the emperor say xd.


I think I asked before, but I’ll ask again: Is falling to Chaos a possibility, and if so, would it be an automatic game over? Just wondering if I should keep an eye on that corruption before I become a Chaos Spa—… Unmentionable abomination.

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hi thanks for your question and im sorry i didnt answer before.

I have plans to implement development of malignancies at various corruption thresholds (e.g. 30, 60 etc) with their own events. I’m torn about auto game overs at the moment, Ive got lots of plans but dont want to punish the player too much

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This game is incomprehensible and I don’t understand the mechanics, and I’m the one who made it :innocent:


Ok, since I like to update and show that I am still working, I can confirm that I have reached… 90,000 words, wo-ho. So I guess I’m averaging about a thousand words a day, which seems low, but is actually high when I think about it o_O. There is still no chance of a demo update yet (sorry), though I am working towards it I promise! Maybe around 110,000 words XD.

Anyway this is the most I have ever written; chapter 2, which I have returned to working on is at 36,000 words so far, I expect it will take about 15,000 words more to fill in all the routes and so on. I’ve made it as far as the final fight and got down 300 lines of code, so i’m only just beginning to write it really. Its exciting and I am excited.

I promise I will go back and correct the character creation and chapter 1 stuff and make things more comprehensible as soon as I’ve done all the other things :smile: - writing mechanics explainations is easy so i’m leaving that for serious writers block time or something.

Anyway, also sorry for putting people off by gender-locking this, I don’t really have an explanation, its just the way I’m writing, sorry, mea culpa


1k words a day? Do NOT downplay that. That is a lot to write consistently on a daily basis.


You’re right i shouldn’t be downplaying it - but considering all my plans that I want to implement it has been very slow progress! i must work harder :pensive:

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The most devastating and most successful taskmaster/mistress is often yourself, After all burnout is easy to do just take it one day at a time.

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