Holy Ordos ["Warhammer 40k"] WIP [updated v0.2, 2020/02/20]

Okey first I am french so sorry for my english.

Just want to say that I really enjoy the game! I really like warhammer and particulary the inquisition (read the Eiserhorn trilogy) so it’s a pleasure to play a part of the inquisition!
Wait to see more!

Just one thing about the game. I feel like some power are useless compare to other. (Or maybe it’s just me who use them wrong)

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I don’t think we have had an oppotunity to use all the powers yet. I assume we will be able to use more of them as the story progresses further.

Hi. Some powers are only relevant in certain instances which you might not encounter in your play-through (e.g. resist possession). Other ones I just haven’t written many instances to use them. Same with skills, talents &c. I am hoping to make everything relevant with time.

If there are instances where you feel you should have been able to use a certain power and could not please tell me where.

Having a lot of fun with this each time i play it, i wish more stuff like this existed for the wh40kuniverse, we all love endless war but there’s tons more that could be done Haha.

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just wanted to first thank you for making this, it looks incredibly cool! I’m adding it to my bookmarks to check out soon.

To be fair 90% of 40k content is from a male perspective, and the 10% is mostly smut. It’s nice to see something a little fresh for 40k.


Eh I think the gender locking adds to the story. We so rarely get to see the 40k universe from a woman’s point of view, so to be able to do that in this game is refreshing.


I haven’t stopped working on this but progress has been slow. Just me posting to say that things are still moving in a -> direction


Interestingly, part of what stalled me is that when I started out making this I knew practically nothing about coding, and certainly nothing about layout and optimisation. So as I went along my ambition and ability to just throw down code well outran my ability to keep everything neat, understandable and manageable. So certain things, like the final battle at the end of chapter 2 became so unwieldy I couldn’t actually work out what was going on, let alone fix bugs and shape up the prose to be anything but cringe-tier, the process of trying to work with it was just demoralising.

Later stuff, which I’ve written but isn’t playable yet is better but still not great so I am actually re-coding the entirety of the final battle of chapter 2 - its a long process but I don’t think there’s any other way for me to get it to a state that i’m happy with without re-coding it so I can actually work out whats going on so I can make it better - in hindsight, jumping up and down and all around 7 tiers of nested choices = bad design :upside_down_face:

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I cant believe its already been two weeks, but I guess that reflects on the amount of effort it takes to re-work this. Transforming ugly code into beautiful code is good fun - i’ve expanded some old stuff too as I’m doing it. Working towards v0.3 which should include everything up to and including the second interlude, all fully reworked of course.

here’s a little look at one of the reworked subroutine files + some janky text:


Please make it as grimdark as the source material, don’t sugarcoat anything.

Ok wow, I finally got up to where I was before, but this time it all works, is all nicely coded, automated and modular, no more “where the hell does this go and also why” bits of code - managed to spin through 1000 randomtests without a single error (true miracle). I would certainly have words with my younger self when she was starting out writing this if I could.

That means I will be applying the same re-working method to what I have written for Interlude 2 in order to get it into good shape. - then I should be able to push the v0.3 update which will include all the fixes. I’m also planning on putting the save plugin into this - at least while I am writing and testing - because I think it will make peoples experience more pleasant even if it does mean you can re-roll infinite dice-spins.


I’ll try! I’m always going back over things to see if they have the right tone but its a fine like between “ludicrous grimdark” and “believable grimdark” - I’m mostly spinning the tone set in the Dark Heresy sourcebooks.


THE EMPEROR PROTECTS. Your cause is just and your continued efforts in the preserving and retelling of the Inquisition’s prolific history shall be celebrated for aeons and spread to every corner of the Imperium. No warp or chaos abomination may ever tarnish it, for every citizen shall speak of these tales.

May your words be bound and accepted as a Codex in the halls of the Library Sanctus.


Just a little teaser for what I’m working on:


oh boy that’s a lot of places xD

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