Holy Ordos ["Warhammer 40k"] WIP [updated v0.2, 2020/02/20]

current version: 0.2 [2020/02/20]

What is this game: Holy Ordos is a fanfiction text-only RPG based in the science fiction setting of Warhammer 40,000. It is based specifically on the now out of print pen-and-paper RPG Dark Heresy (1st Edition).

Story Premise: It is the 41st millennium, In the galaxy spanning Imperium progress has been replaced with near complete stagnation, embodying the worst elements of theocratic feudalism. Threats to the Imperium are countless - aliens without, malcontents within, and most disturbingly, the daemonic entities of a parallel dimension which interpenetrates physical reality

You play an “Inquisitorial Acolyte”, an operative of the Inquisition - secret police of the Imperium, from recruitment to whatver your eventual fate might be.


  • RPG mechanics - earn experience and spend it to customize your character. (I don’t think this has been done to this extent in a choicescript game ever)
  • Serve the Inquisition to uncover a terrible secret about the galaxy. Fight daemons, cults, corporate cartels and the stifling bureaucracy of the Imperium of Man.
  • Wield the deadly powers of the warp.
  • Attempt to maintain your sanity when faced with the horrors of the galaxy, or embrace them.
  • Feel the corrupting influence of chaos seep into your body and mind.
  • Purge heretics
  • Chill out with your companions and uncover their secrets


  • Character creation is done
  • Introduction Is done
  • Chapter 1 is done
  • Interlude 1 is done
  • Chapter 2 is done in rough form (I am not happy with lots here but I pushed it anyway)
  • Interlude 2 is 80% done
  • Chapter 3 is 30% done

v0.2 - 2020/02/20
Playable Wordcount: 115148
Total Wordcount: 238426

  • Update Pushed For testing - lots of things corrected, changed and so on. Playable word count doubled.
  • Chapter 2 published

v0.1 - Oct 2019
Wordcount: 50637
Excluding code: 35988

  • Original Release

Is this copyright infringement: i have a team of expensive lawyers working on this question as we speak.

Are there romance options: maybe…

Why do i have to be a girl?: because I want to write a story from a woman’s perspective.

Why do i have to be a psyker?: um, i don’t understand the question, why would you not want to be?

Trigger warnings: lots - its gory and people take drugs some people are rude to you because you are a woman. - also its 40k so um, its like, reallly bad; verdict: not suitable4children

here is the link: https://dashingdon.com/go/4725

Copyright info:

hello, just to clarify I have no interest in monetizing/selling or formally publishing this game, which I guess would fall into fan-fiction-game territory.

The tabeltop rpg its based on - dark heresy 1st ed was made by FFG, whos licence with GW has lapsed so they no longer sell the sourcebooks, or any other warhammer stuff, and it has been superseded by subsequent 40k rpg, wrath and glory, by a different production house/publisher. so DH 1st ed sits in limbo, hence why I felt it was fair game for fanficgame.

the reason I posted this here is purely because its written in choicescript, as opposed to something like twine.


Ah, a man of culture I see

Love the Idea. Warhammer is aways in need of some love.


Me seeing a 40K wip

As for the question of legality, GW is the company that literally tried to trademark the words “space marine” and “imperial guard”, but I think you should be fine as long as you don’t try to publish it or profit off it.


The emperor has blessed us this day my brothers


The lawyers after some days:


Too bad Khorne hates psykers…

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Because Hereteks are a thing and unlike those wusses in the empire, they aren’t afraid of scientific progress.

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In honesty I wouldn’t bother unless you get promission from games workshop as they enjoy using lawyers.

As for the gender of the character unless they are an orphan and joining the Adepta Sororitas a female prospective will be very similar to a males.
If you included both male/female it should be easy and would open it up to more readers.
Unless of course you are doing the game from a civilian point of view. (your book your choice just my thoughts).


The real question is: why would I want to be a human psyker.

Yeah, I said it! You guys can hiss about heresy and xenos all you want! :stuck_out_tongue:

But more seriously, yeah, the legal issues are… a thing. I wish you the best to overcome them, but I’ll be entirely honest, I’m not holding up my breath. A shame too, because I quite like the style of the demo.


This is really an interesting game, but for someone with no background on 40k it is very difficult to pick up. Regardless, I’m super into it and will be watching this.


If you want some background try “if the emperor had a text to speech device” and/or podcast on youtube it will probably help ye.


That’s a good point 40k is very complicated on how it all works the names alone will be hard for people.

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yeah that’s one of the problems, after the horus incident things just got real weird

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That’s some heresy right there officer!

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I’ll check that out. Anyway, even though I have no idea what the hell is going on 50% of the time, I still liked it, so I wouldn’t worry too much about accessibility.


It wasn’t me I swear, it was uhhh … some Slaanesh cultists that stole me navigator Gary. The threat has been dealt with brother

Good to hear brother…

I would kill for a Guardsman CoG, I don’t like a female perspective simply because I can’t relate. Still wish you the best of luck.

The emperor protects (even though I’m more of a Iron Warriors groupie, Perturabo should’ve stayed loyal damnit!)


This game is incomprehensible and I don’t understand the mechanics, and I’m the one who made it :innocent:


I think the mechanics look fine. It seems to give you a wide range of options while still being comprehensible, and it looks like there’s a lot of thoughts that went into what each skill/power could bring to the table and when they’d be useful.

If there’s an area that might be worth expending upon, it might be character interactions. sometimes the options given to you are really dry (especially all the ‘turn on the charm’ prompts, that ends up literally being: “you do that. it works/it doesn’t work.” But sometimes actions and conversations seem a bit sparse. For exemple, after the character creation, when you’re given the option to visit around three locations (where you’ll meet your three companions) I expected, for instance, that visiting the training grounds meant our character would exercise a little, or that the part in the library (was it a library? Suddenly I’m not sure) meant we’d get to do some light reading. Instead the psyker goes in, meet the NPC, and leaves. No in-game explanation in-game as to why she went in in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong though, so far it’s shaping up to be a very promising game - i’m actually quite impressed by the battle system, because the whole thing is very dynamic, while usually systems using RNG and multiple options to fight instead of a more narrative approach are dry as fuck (I like the Great Tournament as much as the next bloke, but its combat system was mostly a chore). And that 40k ambiance is a definite plus.

I’ll let you have the Guardman game, I’d fancy for myself an eldar/tau perspective instead. The Imperium is overrated!


everything is very bare-bones at the moment - coding the combat is very (very) time consuming (and even then I’m not very happy with it) and I was concerned to actually get some length to the whole thing before I go back and make things broader - its really easy to get stuck in the breadth stuff. I may or may not flesh out interactions as things go. Only time will tell.