Hollowed Minds (3/19/21 Updated +44k words, ROs introduced, +Tumblr)

hi! i was wondering if you had an idea for about how old the mc is?

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Gonna break my rule of lurking to give my love and praise for Hollowed Minds :sparkling_heart:

The setting. I absolutely love how complex it actually is. Figure of authorities that aren’t as good as they claim to be? A city that hides its grittiness under silenced scapegoats and under-the-table operations? Sure, the big picture seems straightforward enough. But, from what you’ve told us so far, the city and its systems speak about real life injustices and corruption. These themes came from something and you were very transparent about that, something I admire you for because this is incredibly taxing and difficult to write but you did it justice!

The characters, the MC, and the dynamics. I barely make new MCs for IFs but Hollowed Minds really encouraged me to create one. Something about the way they’re written just makes them more real to me :two_hearts: As well as the characters, and how MC interacts with them. You fleshed out your characters really well and the interactions have so much potential for replay! Honestly, so much kudos to you for the amount of outcomes/reactions certain (inter)actions have.

Your writing. I don’t know if this is actually a compliment but dkjfnvdkjf you writing style feels so comfortable to me? It’s just so easy for me to get into the narrative you offer and I was immediately immersed in your little universe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it usually takes me a while to get into IFs (testament to my attention span) but Hollowed Minds reeled me in immediately.

I think this game is absolutely amazing and I’m patiently waiting for updates! :eyes: Very excited to see where this story goes, and you deserve every praise! :sunflower:


@ClamoribusRogamina Thank you!
@ScatteredA I’m setting it on either 24 or 25! (Wesley’s age would be the same) I’ll be putting the age on the stats page for the next update, so I’ll be making my decision by then while considering certain factors. The story will take place for a few years so that would be the range I’d be comfortable with.
@9STheSleeperAgent Thank you so much! :sob: Didn’t really expect I had to make that post but at least it cleared things up :heart:.

While I’m still constantly making some edits to make the interactions better, I’m really really happy that this is how it’s being perceived. These characters are all important to me, so I really appreciate you saying that!

I try to make it easy to follow since missing details might make things confusing in mystery stories, especially with this IF, though I’d still be improving some parts that need better imagery and descriptions. But thank you!

Anyway, I’m getting close to an update and the chapter now has over 30k words. There will be new things to discover about the city and the MC’s condition, so I hope you will enjoy that when the time comes!
Thank you all!