HMS Foraker (WIP)



Lol, consider it appreciated. I am not Canadian, but I listen to a lot of Alestorm and was first exposed to the song via their cover of it.


I agree, or a lead to incorporate more naval elements to the Infinity series


I still have ideas for that, especially a story set during something like King Alaric’s War.


So we may be seeing a baneblood or baneless aristocrat entering service as a midshipman and even participating in the Battle of the Northern Pillars? This is going to be cool!


I’d like a game like that too!


I would love to see a game like this


If nobody ever writes something like that, perhaps you could try writing that yourself as a little starter project!


That’s an interesting idea for me to think about.


Well, I guess the secret’s out now.
HMS Foraker is getting an official release, likely sometime later this year.

Chances are this’ll be a free, ad-supported title, which means you’ll be able to play through the whole thing without charge, but you can still put down a fee to remove the ads and offer support.


That’s awesome for something you made to just try out some things (if I remember correctly)!


Pretty much. This experiment has panned out pretty well, I’d think.


Is it going under the “Broadsides” label?


I think it is. It’s listed as such in the upcoming titles page.


I know this is a bit off topic, but I saw this video where these jerks make fun of you and one of your games. Have you seen this? Any thoughts?

3:30 is when they find your game on steam.


Well, within two seconds they talked about making mutilated foreskins into pancake batter, so clearly they’re fucking idiots. I’d say them insulting your work is a compliment.


These guys sound like the biggest idiots on the planet. I saw they were playing a game involving construction… I wonder if they could just give some constructive criticism!


I have in fact seen this.

Their entire schtick is picking games at random off Steam and shitposting at them, so frankly, I’m not surprised they did that here. It’s not like they’re personally coming after me and throwing bricks through my window or anything.

Incidentally, “FUCK YOU, PAUL WANG!” is a thing my friends and I occasionally yell at each other now.


Do these idiots actually make a decent side income of off that digital drivel? :roll_eyes:
Can’t imagine what the fun in creating videos like this is otherwise.


Most of the fans of these kinds of content creators tend to be extremely young, often far younger than they should be considering the language that’s used and such, so they’re an easy demographic to impress with childish humour.

To be fair, I probably looked at alot worse and far more offensive drivel when I was a preteen/teen on the internet back in the day. The difference being the offensive drivel I watched on Newgrounds or whatever was made by other teenagers getting some loose change from ads and not exploitative manchildren making fortunes.



Well that’s evidence of some of the badly broken excesses of our late stage capitalist economy. :unamused:

I don’t object to kids making some loose pocket change with “funny” videos on the interwebs but I do object to these spoiled probably upper-middle class “man-kids” as you so aptly called them making friggin’ fortunes of off duping young kids.
Ugh! Look at me turning into a “THINK OF OUR CHILDREN!!” kind of moralistic, political crusader. :unamused:

That young, huh? I had an older image of you in my mind.