Historical Fiction with a twist

So I recently decided to turn my random daydreams into as choice game , as it feels prefect . my project is set during the Napoleonic Wars, I have 3 battles I’m going to use. Our options : romance a general or the soldier who saved your bum, become a physician (you dread the sight of blood), be an assistant, or become a soldier. I thought about spy, but we’re starting off as character who. Doesn’t know much about being multilingual. So I axe that option.

It was never intended as romance option, but about forming new bonds that painfully tear. However love became an option because our main character had just went through a break up from a long term relationship, fast forward they find themself across the globe and in a different time! Sounds somewhat cliche right there! Lol

For the female option she has an easier transition to any path she chooses.
But our boy, however will have a difficult time receiving sympathy and leniency.
Would you prefer the one option and play as a girl with the fear of being discovered(True there women who went to war in disguise in that time.)
The boy option has the constant fear of being shot . :frowning:
My boy is problem so some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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