Highschool dxd RP


Well since a lot of other people are doing this, lets do a highschool dxd roleplay then
Rules are no god modding, and no one uses boosted gear/divine dividing. Races you can use are Angel/Fallen Angel, Devil, Human/ Half human/(mixed with one of the three.)
Reborn devil/angel For sacred gears you have to be human or reborn devil/angel.
(link to help out with character making http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=High_School_DxD:_Names_and_Terminology_Guidelines)
By the way this story takes place 20 years after the current story line of high school dxd.
Character name:
Abilities: (ex enhanced str spd expert swordmen)
Powers :(Sacred gears power destruction anything that can be considered a power)
Back story:
Rank or anything special:

Here’s my character
Character name:Jin Asuka
Gender: Male
Race: Half human/Fallen Angel
Occupation: High school Student
Abilities: Enhanced speed, Expert swordsmanship, Medium level magic.
Powers :Power of lightning/unmastered.
Weapons: Holy sword Caliban.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Back story: Born as an illegitimate child of a fairly known high ranking fallen angel, his father threw him out after he was born and sent him to an orphanage to save himself politically. His mother died of some unknown disease and his father did nothing to help her. He grew up to hate his father for what he did and how he abandon him. Somewhere along his life he met a church exorcist who deiced to adopt him, the exorcist taught him how to fight with a sword and some very basic levels of magic. He had inherited the power of lightning from his father but found that he isn’t very skilled at using magic so he never bothered to train it. When he turned 13 on the day he started middle school, the exorcist that adopted him was attacked and murdered by old Maou faction terrorist for his holy sword that he possessed . Jin walked in on him while he was getting attacked and as a last ditched effort the exorcist sealed the Holy Sword Caliban into Jin so that no one else could take it. The terrorist killed the exorcist but before they could finish off Jin reinforcements arrived from the church and saved him. After the death of the exorcist Jin personality changed, before he was happy and easy to get along with but after the death he became cold to the people around him afraid to grow close to anyone.
Rank or anything special: Illegitimate child of a high ranking fallen angel.
Personality: Calm, cold, quiet doesn’t like to talk much prefers not to interact with people.

I’ll start the rp in a few days if we have enough people, and if you have questions pm me.