High School Revenge (WIP) (Chapter 3 OUT NOW, Mar 24, 2024)

I"m so so tempted to call my character Nicole and just kind of go Class of '09 with this. Its very tempting to have that mind set. Anyways man this is good, so good job working on it.


I don’t know about the others, but for me, this what I think my ideal Revenge Plan is going to go.

Olivia- Make sure the relationship with her is extremely high, join the band, becomes an important friend, maybe even get in a non-genuine relationship with her, before revealing it all to be a ruse after you stab her in the back. A mirror to how she was the one who was least likely to betray you, and ended up doing it anyway.

Dylan- Ruin everything he loves, and spill whatever secrets he has to his followers. A mirror to how he accidently broke (Instert favorite toy here) and how he and Olivia gave information about where to hit you where it hurts to the main bullies.

Cecily- Either engage in the non-genuine relastionship with her, or see if she has somebody she actually likes for real and do whatever it takes to ruin his opinion of her. A mirror to the obvious fact that she used your feelings against you to go to the dance and then looked at you in disgust afterwards.

Connor- I’m not sure exactly, I forgot what he did but I think it was him to stuck the metal crown on my head. So, I’ll probably just do something simple to humiliate him.

Haley- Do some Carrie thing and dump something gross on her while she’s in one of the most important moments of her art-focused life. A mirror to how she dumped the bowl of juice on top of you.

Issac- Ooooh boy. Where to start? Honestly, I’m gonna hope Marcus gives me enough info that allows me to pull no punches with this douchebag. He’s already known for being a prankster, so make him lose respect with everyone else in his life, making him all alone in the world he thought he had control in.

Micheal- Again, not sure if he or Connor was the one who had the crown. I guess I’ll see what happens with him.

Model Girl- Who? Jokes aside, the obvious revenge would be to get rid of her good looks. She clearly has a pride problem there, so I think it would be great for her to make herself feel ugly for Revenge.

Wow, some of those made me sound like a Psychopath.

But anyway, that’s my idea. I’m not sure what to do with the ‘secondary targets’ I bet the coach and dad could be turned into forced allies as well, but I’m not sure. I’m gonna really enjoy this story, I think.


Psychopath? Dude, you’re our Savior! I was planning on making Cecily fall in love with me and then dump her, but I found your other idea even better.


Damn, the game is back? I would have never thought

I would say be their friends . And make others fall in love become reliable to them so that they spill out everything and are not just hurt when their dirty laundry is aired but also ruins their interpersonal relationship, moral , confidence and break them emotionally. For the coach get him fired and maybe implicate him with some crime so that he serves jail time. Ruin the first father’s reputation and his chances of going into politics. In other words they should never trust anyone ( not even their closest kins) and loose every last strande of confidence in themselves and become a laughing stock for the town. Cecilia ,Oliva and Issac are those who I want to destroy the most . And I don’t care whatever their reasons were.
I do have a doubt though @Sucof is the first father also the biological father or is he just adoptive father like the others.

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So, I went and raised my finance skills to adept, but I still can’t interrupt the finance class successfully. Is that a bug?

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If this will become an event based games like persona, do we have enough time to get all of the cast events (revenge or not) or at least almost all of them while improving our skills? Whenever i play persona it’s either i miss one - two person or i need to follow a strict walkthrough



Good luck with yours new journey, hope you have fun writing it as i have reading.


Bro is back omgggggggg this the biggest comeback ever


As a brazilian i have to say i was not expected to you make fun of the 7-1 in world cup


@HoneymoonAvenue yeah, the F means they’re only interested in female MC and M male MC. There’s only two characters with these preferences though, and I might change my mind later on.

@Jared_Frias Hello! It’s so cool to see people from 2018 still here haha

@Runehood66 I’ll try to add as many Nicole options as possible haha. I’ve already tried in chapter 4 to add more sassy/douchy choices.

@Jaxthebax Great revenge plans, poetic justice right there. I hope some of the less important targets in chapter 3 will get to shine in the next one and become more memorable haha

@060_sc Yeah, first dad is the biological dad

@GeminiSparkSP It’s a bug, it seems I’ve made the game check the drawing skill there instead of the finance one. I’ll fix it by the end of the week, most probably.

@Hot_Toaster You should be able to get most relationship events. There will be a lot of random events which makes me hope the game will gain a lot of replayability, but the relationship events should be all attainable in one playthrough. We’ll have to see later as the game progresses, since I’ll need people to playtest and tell me where I’ve probably made things too easy or hard haha. In my mind, it should be possible to get your revenge on them all or learn their secrets in one playthrough, but it shouldn’t be something you can just do naturally without understanding the game mechanics a bit first. You should generally naturally be able to get the desired ending with your preferred targets though. The “optimal” method would be to concentrate on music, finance, and drawing while Marcus and Angela keep an eye on the other two. But, there will be a lot of cool content for the baseball and swim teams, so just try to have fun on the first playthrough haha

@Reinaldo_Pimentel @CynicalMiester Never forget the 7-1 :skull:


So, I played with it a bit more, and I think it’s time to give my thoughts.

First things first, how straight are you going to play the premise? I know you can’t add excessive violence to the story and it’s more of a systematic takedown of the bullies’ social standing, but once the deed is one, will there be a moment of reflection? Maybe in trying to get back at the bullies, we’ve become a bully as well? Or some other reflection of that nature.

Secondly, I have a feeling that Olivia can pretty much see through us, and is only playing around for the lols.

I want to beat Issac tho like physically beat his ass also it would be lovely if we can hit the ball back at his skull when he pitches the ball to us during practice a mc who trains his baseball skill more could be allowed to do that.


I dont like soccer so for me is ok forget lol

How well Olivia realizes it’s you is measured by the first of “discovery” meters. The other meter is for Isaac.

So no, she isn’t magically aware it’s you from the start.

Wait, where’s this meter again? Or is it hidden?

They’re at the bottom of the Stats page.

I love the idea of a revenge story but I noticed rather than flat out revenge, you can say your going back to get answers.

I feel like I would resonate with this choice more if you actually build on it rather than flat out revenge.

Not saying the revenge is a bad route or anything but I like the idea of you’ve matured enough since the incident that you kinda just wanna know what happened back then and why your friends turned against you so harshly so suddenly.

On top of this, I am wondering how you plan on incorporating the romance stuff whenever it comes into play, cuz like… if your doing pure revenge route your basically building that relationship on a lie, but what if you end up wanting that to be genuine? Do you tell them the truth and see what happens or is that gunna be hand waived until the end of the story?

Maybe this was answered in the thread somewhere but, I don’t presently have the time to scroll through and read it and just wanted to leave my thoughts.

I do love this though. Revenge stories are fun.


This is where I am with this story, and also why I’m only going to be romancing Marcus (or no one.) The revenge narrative doesn’t appeal to who I’ve built my character to be, but she still wants to know why Dylan and Olivia turned on her the way they did and possibly why first father just doesn’t care about her. In my playthrough, MC is the protege of phychologist stepfather, even to the point of using his last name to disguise her identity. And as a middle schooler, MC spent as much time as possible even during the crush scenes making choices to not abandon the friends she already had (in fact, chose the “supportive of Dylan making other friends too” choice) so from what we as the reader sees, there was no possible reason for them to be so cruel. A crush is a crush, you don’t always have control over the feelings, but you do have control over the actions you take, and MC on my playthrough very deliberately took actions to retain (and she thought, to strengthen) the two friendships she aready had. So the betrayal truly comes out of left field for her, and she just wants answers, so she can leave it all behind her.


Well then the story gets just boring. The book name is High School Revenge. We can’t get revenge in real life most of the times as it is. Why are you wanting to turn this story also that way. I mean just try the revenge mentality in the game once and see whether you like it. Think like the mc . Mine was a male mc and had Cecily Knight as his crush. Now think what would you want to do. You will get depressed in that situation and want revenge . You lost your life in that one night. I know people will say revenge is bad. But I from personal experience have found that revenge is often liberating. It helps people to moveon.
As for why I think Cecilia and her friends blackmailed the friends with something solid. Because it seems they are still bulied. If that’s the case you can forgive Dylan and Olivia. For the rest destroy them to the point of no return.

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