High School Revenge (WIP) (2nd chapter DONE, 18 Sep)



Or maybe she’s a barely teenage girl with everything that that entails.



So, it seems that the separate revenge has won the poll, which is nice. Doing both revenges was pretty close, but I said from the start that I’d prefer doing only one of them. I’ll start writing again now that I know what the revenge is all about because I kinda took a little break there. I’ve also closed the poll, so thank you for all the votes.

I think that in a few days I’ll put up the second chapter, since I’m pretty close to finishing it, with the updated first chapter.



Fingers crossed that we get the option to play a lighter and softer version of the “Count of Monte Christo”. Say, an MC who wants to teach his/her middle school tormentors how to be more empathetic and compassionate people by forcing them to realize the negative consequences of their selfish ways. Preferably through some benign trickery.

I guess I like the option to teach the characters to be better people because destroying people’s lives can feel awfully hollow.

This has to be a joke at my expense. WHY? What’s so fun or satisfying about NOT getting revenge and instead becoming a slightly edgier Dr. Phil? Destroying lives doesn’t feel hollow and revenge never was about making someone a better person.


Yeah my MC’s revenge will be based on how the characters are now not really
by their past actions. I think all my really needs is closure and to know why his
friends betrayed him. My MC’s revenge will be mild the worst my mc might end up doing
becoming the school’s heartbreaker. ATM though I don’t know if I want my mc to lead them on
but then friend zone them for some other character or just be a straight up well bi man whore.
PS. Sorry for format or grammar/spelling mistakes I’m using mobile.


Me loves this story. Me loves this story very much… sinister laugh


Just gonna…dump peneat butter on them if possible kek…because god…having a whole thing of peneat butter being dumped on ya is perhaps the worse thing that could happen kek


Imagine if one of them is allergic to peanuts…



So, I’ve been wondering for a while ’When is it gonna get hard?’, and I finally found my answer. I’ve been writing a lot of branches for a thing in the 2nd chapter and my head has started to spin. The only problem is that I can’t concentrate because I can’t really know if what I’m writing is correct. I just don’t have the time to test every choice. Would you guys like me to upload the 2nd chapter unfinished? I mean, it’s close to the end but I just need some feedback to clear my head. Thanks

Also, it has around 7000 words and I changed the conversation with the mother in the 1st chapter ( I haven’t updated it yet).


Sure if you need help I dont care if the chapter is finished or not.



Ok, I’ve uploaded the 2nd chapter + I updated the 1st chapter, hope you guys like it. It has around 11k words and, as I said, is not finished. I wrote where the chapter ends so you guys don’t get confused.

@Emryss I changed it, can you check now?

@weirdooooo Sorry but I looked and tried everything and I still don’t understand why you got that. Whatever I do, it works just fine. Can you give me more details?


Hey I got this at the end of chapter one


Loved the demo.
MC showed a lot of dedication.


You don’t know how ready I was for this update.:joy: That being said, I love this demo! :smiley:


The MCs revenge will be cold and relentless tis only fair for when they sow the wind they reap the whirlwind.


WOW! The story is getting better and better.I want to take brutal revenge for what they did to my MC.


Seems like I’m the only guy who wants to not have revenge on anyone…except C.


This is pretty good. I like the way it’s currently going although I’m not sure why it was originally described as “comedic”, I don’t see anything comedic here (it’s certainly lighthearted and somewhat “unserious” when dealing with its subject matter but not exactly comedic) but I wouldn’t really care that much about that anyway. On another note when describing the MCs new body exactly how “fit” are they supposed to be? Like are they fit but thin (like a featherweight boxer for instance) or are they a huge powerlifter or do they look like a bodybuilder, a douchbag with chicken legs or? Also will we ever be given the option to emotionally abuse the MCs mother? You know, 'cause she’s kind of asking for it.


Found an error when I think that Hailey changed. Edit: Tried with all of them and not a single one works.


I did it in the given order, with Hailey lastly, and that happened.


Sooo, would the heartbreaker humiliate my mc if I gave here a second chance