High school game idea


Hey people! Just had this idea for a high school game! A game where you play as a high school student, freshman to senior. You choose what your good at, who your friends are, and more. What do you think? Any ideas?


@Micah88 Yah, I have to ask this everytime someone mentions a school story, but how long are you planning on making this? what type of things can you be good at in this story? and will grades play a role in this story?


I like it but seems like it will take quite a bit of coding to handle


You can make it somewhat easier if you define beforehand how many events you’ll have and what kind of events they’ll be. For example, if you’re going to do all four years of high school, you could probably say that you’ll have four unique story arcs, with three component events per arc, plus a beginning and epilogue section. Then you can tackle the writing and coding separately without worrying about having too many things going on or too few.


Yes as others have said, it would be good to know whether this will be a longer multi-year school based story or something over a shorter period. I think that you’d need to consider the stats carefully - the one thing which defines high school for people is that you can’t please everyone, and school tend to have groups which you can elect to connect you to or avoid. I’d also consider romance options although I think it’s important given the possible age range that they stay relatively clean - the best idea is to have types of character and let the play choose if they’re male or female and which gender(s) interest them more. Also think of the traditional aspects of school like the classroom antics, the after school clubs, the sport events and the dreaded end of year prom.


@derekmetaltron I dated a teacher once… but I was homeschool’d.

@Micah88 And the whole teacher dating thing, It’s a touchy subject but it’s not really illegal or anything aslong as it’s kept as innocent love, and not turn it into like fifty shades of school or whatever, but I guess we live in a society where people are quick to demonize things and assume the worst, but I think it would be interesting to see how that played out if you decided to add that.

I also feel private school- although i’ve never set foot in a private school, isnt the idea of a private school to shelter them from outside influences? I think a public school has more relatability since not many people have wealthy parents, and opens up more possibilities, plus I have a prejudice to feel private school settings are automatically boring and cheesy.

I feel like it’s having a dystopia story about inequality or something and the main character is rich and the entire story takes place in the utopia rather than in the dystopia, and the point of the story is dead for me for some reason.

@derekmetaltron Oh, and almost forgot. I was just kidding about the incest joke.


also would be setting in a realistic world or in more fantastic setting . I could love a space academy sim game even with a kirk cameo or something similar its im so tired of American highschool settings


Morning everyone! Sorry i havnt commented, i fell asleep.

@XxLordNamelessxX I believe more of a short story would be appropriate. Like, not super short like some ive seen, but not one with a sequel. Grades can play a part, but that would be tough to incorporate. And as far as what you could be good at, i was thinking these three stats: Popularity, Intelligence, and athletics.

@Wizkid4evr Yea, it might take some coding, but ive been reading up on my choice script.

@Rhodes Woa! Thats alot. I was thinks more three story braches following one main plot setting, deppending on what stat you choose to be your good one.

@derekmetaltron For the characters, i was thinks along the lines of: principal, teacher, bully (male or female) friend, maye two friends, (male or female) And a love interest (male or female, although it does ot matter what gender the character is, like there will be one gender in the same relationship.)

@MaraJade Yeah, not fantasy. Although, it doesnt have to be American. What about British?


well British could be better but not my type of game except you could be a heartless diva and make boys fight until death. Not all games could be targeted to all people and a soap emo teens sim is needed here im really surprised there is not more of them here because cog could be a good platform for this genre.
Maybe a exclusive private highschool could work great but in my imagination old died by poison sea food in the graduation dance party ; sorry im too much cynical to this genre @Micah88 i cheer you we need a good teen highschool game


@MaraJade Ha Ha! Thanks. The private school might be a good idea.


@Micah88 Yeah, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going for a public or private school as they’re very different kinds of environment. I think you’ll want to have a number of possible friends, bully and teacher(s) options which might dicate how your character thinks. I imagine you’ll want more than one teacher with different personalities (and possibly aspects the player fancies - there’s always one teacher at school you had a crush on right? Though I imagine it will not be wise to allow the player to act on that too much.) Male and Female players will need to feel different since I get the impression boys and girls go through different pressures at school, especially as they go from kids to adults via the wonderful world or pubity.)


@derekmetaltron Yeah, public school has the more trouble aspects of teenage life, but the private school would imply that the character is rich. And the teacher crush? Umm… Maybe. Idk if that would be right to put into the story.


@Micah88 Well of course it’s up to you, I don’t think many students are stupid enough to truly act on such impulsives with their teachers beyond some mild flirting, or for teachers to be receptive. Personally I would avoid it, just something to be aware of. It’s also up to you if you go for public or private, I’ve actually been to both and character types and lesson plans aside they’re really not all that different.


@XxLordNamelessxX I actually go to a preppy type private school, so i know what you mean. Yeah, public school it is.


ohhh :frowning: i hate poor boys stories i mean i am poor already i love see rich and powerful suffer in stories but yeah a bad trash public school could be more dramatic with the drugs weapons and street gangs.

I know its not real that but im not American and always i saw a emphasis in a public school is for place it in a gansta school like some films in 90s.


@MaraJade I think most of us who were very poor when we were growing up wish to see the rich suffer to some extent, and im not sure if Micah is going for The GodFather high school edition, XD but it would be funny if Vendetta did that, Have people getting shived in the locker room, and the teachers and principal being paid off so you get good grades.


@Micah88 Write what you know and what’s most fun for you. There will be an audience regardless. So if you know a preppy type private school, then do that.

Strangely, here in the UK Public School’s are actually Private Schools. Various countries have different schooling systems so I’d say it’s just easier to do the one you know. That way you don’t need to worry about the difference between A Levels and SATS.

We’d a discussion about a different school based game here http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/1417/looking-for-a-realistic-game-setting-can-i-use-school-but-without-studying You might find some of the things discussed useful. I’m not sure if @Phoenixred019 is still working on their game though.


@MaraJade and @XxLordNamelessxX Woah! Um, that might not be the correct course. XD That would be interesting, but im more for a regular high school.

@FairyGodFeather Yeah. I go to the 28th best high school and jr. high in America, but i went to a regular elementary school, so i can do both. America would be best, but i can do other countries. Oh, what about Australia?!


Do America. America is good. America is what you know. Don’t set it somewhere that you don’t know. You should focus on the plot and the characters, that’s what will make your game shine.

I think focusing on the one year tends to give a stronger storyline than trying to stretch it out further.

What sort of plot were you planning? I do think one of the best high schools in America sounds like a fantastic setting for a game. I bet there’s added pressures to excel, which you’d be best suited for actually writing about? And that’s the sort of school most people can only dream of attending, so there can be some degree of wish-fulfillment in playing the game.


Honestly I think you don’t need to mention where it is, but basing it on what you know is likely to be best. Really if you don’t mention the exact exams like SATS or GCSE’s I imagine it won’t be really blatant where it is anyway. I think it would also make sense to establish what sorts of things your character excels in or doesn’t - is he a history buff, a science nerd, a sports jock or a Design Tech wiz? That kind of thing.