Hierlin Chronicles, Book One (WIP) Updated 6/17/19

Hello, I’m Elijah and this is my very first wip so please bare with me here!! I’ve been lurking for a few months and only commenting stuff here and there, but I decided that I should finally give this writing wip buissness a try!


You are a young rogue with nowhere to go, after your most recent encounter you find yourself in Hierlin City, a major city in the most eastern region of your ancient land of Shyra. Team up with an elf, an angry mage, and a surprisingly nice Orc to take down an ancient evil lurking just below the city, and why not make a contract with a demon while you are at it?

I only have a prologue done so far so the demo is really short but I hope it can give people a vibe of my probably terrible writing style. Check out my demo and feel free to give me feedback and pointers! Demo is Here!

Planned Features

  • Play as male or female, customize your character and choose from given names or pick your own!
  • Team up with an angry mage, an elf, and a orc
  • Romance your teammates or stay forever alone!
  • Battle monsters, people, and…a cult?
  • Make a contract with a very shady demon.
  • Deceive your friends or stay truthful and loyal to them forever and always!

World Concept

The setting is the Land of Shyra, if the time period absolutely had to be chosen then the story would be a 15th century kind of vibe. There are 4 different regions to Shyra; Ishmal, Jinyol, Yusep, and Cluro. This story takes place fully in the Ishmal region. Hierlin City is a major one in this region so it’s large, crowded, and very popular. The people of the land worship many gods and often have small altars in their homes. Not many are safe outside of cities due to goblins, ogres and other dangerous monsters that lurk about in the forest. Magic is also very common in the lands.


July 15th: Prologue, gender choice and name choice has been included.

July 17th: a third of chapter one has been uploaded so I can give people more of a taste of my bland writing. You finally meet some characters and you have an option to learn some information as well. I fixed the stats screen to look more pleasing and added more categories, like relationships, characters, and guide. None of which are finished.

Alright!! Let’s see if I can keep up with this :sweat_smile:


It’s enough for me to keep an eye out, but I’ll wait for further updates to form a proper opinion.


Interesting! I do enjoy an underdog concept :slight_smile:

Mimicking the earlier reply though, I’ll have to hold off on forming my opinion until I see the characters and how the setting/plot ties in. Until then, I’ll keep a look out for this tragically alone protagonist. :slight_smile:


are we stuck being a rogue for the story ?

Nothing wrong with rogues…but I suck at being a rogue! I drop lock pick, and everytime someone goes ‘‘Shhhh!!!’’ my boot fall on the tile that make the most Squeak!

it’s horrible…just horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

lol funny thing, I feel like this story is more like a side quest . Tell me, there will be humour ? LOOT ?


Maybe, we’ll see in the future although it was my main idea. I think I’d like to add more options than just rogue though so yay!

Yes and yes, I’m planning on humour even if it’s bad :joy:. There will also be a LOT of loot! So look out!


I read you work got say its fun

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It’s an interesting concept but the demo is way too short to give any feedback. I’ll totally check future updates though.

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No worries, I understand. I’ve been writing all day yesterday but I’m a newbie coder and ran into a lot of problems :joy:. I’ll have it updated soon.


what got you to make Hierlin chronicles

Why not let us choose we could be a wondering hedge knight or a lone ranger.

Before I came to CoG, I was a Deleight games fan. My obsession of Rogue’s choice pushed me to make it, so the vibes the will be similar in some aspects but not the same, obviously.

Like I have said before, maybe in the future. This is my first game and adding too many choices too soon will be extremely difficult for me to do.


Well if you do end up adding more i hope it is a hedge knight that would be cool anyway good luck on your first game my good man.

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Finally! I’ve been waiting for a rouge game to come out. It’s always been my favourite class in rpg games and I’m so happy it is here. But enough of my personal preference, the book was good. The concept of rogues are mostly simple without a party, steal as many things as possible without being noticed. It’s rather cool our first attempt we got caught but only by the mage. I am also very looking forward to how the Agile/Clumsy Stat plays out

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