Hiding stats

It’s a simple question… i did’nt see it at tutorial…

Can I hide some permanet stats?

Just never actually display them. If you don’t add the commands for them to show up, they won’t show up.

Sorry, that’s all new for me… how i do that?

In the choicescript_stats file, you have to write a line to display stats. Say you have 4: endurance, agility, intelligence, willpower

If you want to display all of them, except for willpower, just don’t include it:

*stat_chart text name percent endurance percent agility percent intelligence

Hum… easu like that? thanks!

Here’s a related question. If I want to hide a stat but only for a certain amount of time, is there a way to do that?

In my game, I have a variable called Part. I set this in each scene and use an if statement to check the variable:

*if Part = “Escape”
show stats for Escape
*elseif Part = “Exodus”
shows stats for Exodus

What JimD said. I hide the majority of stats for the character generation (for a couple of reasons) so I have a stat called ‘showstats’ which defaults to false, and changes to true near the end of character generation. Then my stat sheet looks like:
*if showstats = false Finish character generation before coming here. *if showstats (The stats I don't want seen at first.) The stats that I always want visible.

Quick question regarding temporarily hiding stats, because I’ve been struggling for quite awhile. How do I hide them to begin with?

Stats are “shown” by being included in the built in stat sheet. If you don’t include them, they won’t be displayed. The only way they will be displayed is if they’re included in the correct file (called choicescript_stats).

That being said, Mismallark, they are “hidden” by default. The only ones that are set to show automatically are, I believe, leadership and strength. (someone correct me if I’m wrong, please).

Before being displayed our used to display a stat representation, they need to be created, either by adding them in the mygame.js file (try opening it in notepad) or using the outdated *create function described in the tutorial.

Does that answer your question adequately?

Allow me to tack on a related question if I may. What if you want to create a stat strictly for the purpose of keeping track of something (say enemy health) but you don’t want this stat to be visible to the player.

@FallingWithStyle Well, what I was going for was adding a ‘relationships’ stat chart, which I’ve seen in other games. In those, the relationships were added as the characters were introduced and relevant. Above my question, they talk about that briefly, and I understand the ‘showing’ part, I just don’t understand how to have it so that section of stats only shows up once I want it to.

@Mismallark As I understand it, that would look something like the following:

*if player_met_Leroy
percent Leroy_relationship
*if player_met_Joe
percent Joe_relationship
*if player_met_Kilroy_The_Robot_Human_With_Feelings
percent Kilroy_relationship

etc etc etc.

Of course, the above would be in your stats file. You’d have to create them in mygame.js

You would have to update those boolean stats as the player meets those characters. You can add additional stats in there as well, just make sure to keep the indentation.

@fantom I would personally use the *temp command, which creates a variable for the duration of the scene. If you wanted the enemy’s health to last longer than just one scene, put it in the mygame.js file, but leave it out of the choicescript_stats file.

For the first option, in the scene itself, you’d write something like:

*temp enemy_health
*set enemy_health 100

*comment ^ Enemy health is 100% because he’s fresh.

*comment Below this is the “fight loop” which you will return to if neither of you are dead. Lucky for you, you’re invincible.
*label Keep_Fighting
What do you want to do?
You whack your enemy with your foam sword.
*set enemy_health %-10
*goto Health_check
You drop an anvil on your enemy’s head.
*set enemy_health %-25
*goto Health_check
You completely and utterly destroy your opponent.
*set enemy_health 0
*goto Health_check

*label Health_check
*if enemy_health > 0
He’s not done yet! Keep fighting!
*goto Keep_Fighting
Your enemy is defeats. Congratulations, you win.
*goto Post_fight_debrief

*label Post_fight_debrief

Something like that, anyway. That’s what I’d do. This way, none of the stats will be displayed. I haven’t tested the code, but I think it’d work.

Does that answer your question, @Fantom?

@FallingWithStyle Pretty much, ya. Let me make sure I understand how stats work. To create a stat, you have to put it in the mygame.js file, or “declare” it as I believe another user put it, and for it to actually be visible to the player you have to put it in the choicescript_stats file, but as long as you leave it out it’s still a usable stat, just not visible. Did I get that right?

That’s how I understand it, yes.

The above link discusses the mygame.js file under the “Using mygame.js to Create Variables” section.

@FallingWithStyle Thank you so much! I’ve got it now, your help was wonderful!

I’ve been reading the posts on this forum but none of them really answer what I’m trying to do.

My story has it so sometime in the game the main character gains a party, a group. I have an opposing pair in the stat screen but I want to hid the opposing pair tag until he meets them later in the game.

I have the *create party false in the startup.txt but I actually don’t know how to hide pair from the tag temporarily.

Please help

Actually never mind, I just solved my problem