Hidden Paths (WIP)


I have a game (Hidden Paths) I am nearly done with. It isn’t going to be great but I am hoping for a “promising first novel” vibe. You start out the story blind and telling your life story to the realm’s chronicler. Fairly generic fantasy setting. You get caught up in civil war and along the way you end up blind. There are I believe 10 different ways to be blinded, anything from channeling too much demon-enhanced magic to being blinded with a hot poker to reduce your potential as a rebellious leader. Depending on your choices, you could even end up Queen/King. It has some high quality elements to it (I am especially proud of how I handle the option of being trans) but it all skill focused. Basically, I want to finish it so I can start work on my second game which will be a contest entry.


sounds interesting! :B


Always a plus in my book when I can be Princess, Queen or Empress…now the question is does this Queen get to marry a Queen Consort? :grin:


Looking forward to how you manage the story☺


I’d be happy to beta test for you if you need it


No, only an old maid … and you don’t get the pumpkin ride to the ball either :wink: lol. :innocent: :angel:


Well that’s just mean :person_with_pouting_face:


Pouting doesn’t really fit you… come :dancer: be :joy: … your still the :princess::purple_heart: :heart: k? :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting when I read the Tiltle I thought nah but know I know it no like a treasure hunt or anything like that

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