Hi friends iam a new in this forum


hello friend iam new in choiceof game so welcome and i hope to be friend and to ad together and plese iam sorry for my biginer english because it’s not my native language


No prob, and welcome. But i am pretty sure that there is already a thread for introductions.


It’s no worries @charaf it’s understandable. What is your native language, perhaps knowing will help when making translations if needed or desired.


Hi @charaf ! Welcome to the CoG forum :slight_smile: Don’t feel bad about your english, it looks like you are way better at it than I am at any other language, even spanish which I’ve kind of taken classes in for years… Google translate was what I always used to help me survive those classes, even though I’d probably have learned more if I hadn’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Have there been any games in particular that you really liked?


I’m sure we’ll get along fine… by the way you should avoid @Razgriz people say he is crazy and snaps puppy necks…
Just kidding, seriously he is crazy, obsessed with being good and insanity like that…


Yep, I certainly am the crazy one here. Definitely not a certain Stalker I know.

@charaf welcome to the forums!


Didn’t you say don’t let me have a puppy? You clearly hate puppies!
I would just mix many breeds into the ultimate canine… if it uses a corpse or two so be it…


Welcome to the Choice of Games forums mate


We welcome you with open arms! I’m sure the people on these forums will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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