Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying games

I remember playing this game only once. You join some naval academy after losing your father I think.You have your classmate as an RO.I believe she has violet hair.There is some naval combat too… Please help

You mean Trinity?


Yes… that’s the one. Thank you

Your welcome

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Oi can’t remember the plot that much but this WiP has huge robotic exo suits type kinda like Pacific Rim :smile_cat: everyone fights in some kind of robot fighting league selected from each country instead of wars and MC builds it with a parent mother/father, we can select the robot and weapon types and MC’s team goes on a trip into the woods and the campus that trains these robot fighters will be attacked by terrorists…

:joy_cat::smirk_cat: help a crazy soul here please.

i think that’s Pulse University?



Ooh thank-you very much

I remember playing this game a couple days ago but for the life of me cannot remember the title. Anyway you are the bastard child of a king and have three siblings. the king dies your oldest sibling dies and the middle sibling is skipped over for the throne. the third sibling your sister ascends to the throne instead. Oh and the queen hates your guts

i believe it is this?


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Thats it thank you

Oi guys this WiP might be on a hiatus or completely discontinued when I last saw this…

Two opposing super countries in world with both super advanced tech and magic and one country hates magic and vert advanced in technology and the other is very powerful magical country…
One of the RO is from the tech country with magic that runs away with a nanny of sorts from the abusive scientist mother to join in a school in magic country and you’ll have to do a project (building magic robot or something) for school with that said RO… And MC has necromancy magic or something which is actually illegal in magic country…


Anyone knows a WIP that starts with the MC coming back to their hometown for a high school reunion? There’s a backstory about how a number of people from their hometown go missing and the town has to reinforce rules such as curfew and locking the door and windows. Also, at some point, MC’s mother disappeared suddenly and MC and their dad moved to a big city.

I just read this WIP and forgot to save it :see_no_evil:

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Demons like you and i

I believe that is Demons like you and i

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That’s the one! Thank you soo much :bowing_man:

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Lol no one know this?!?
It might be an old one, like ancient :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:

This is the one you’re looking for.


Aye :smile_cat::smirk_cat::kissing_cat: thanks

I’m looking for this wip game. The thing I remember is the wip began with the mother’s point of view and she gave birth to a “shadow” child or something like that. That has no form. The king wants to kill it and a bishop wants to kill it too. The intro ends with the mom dying and the baby escaping through its own power. I believe it’s relatively new it was a really good wip that I want to read again

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That would be baneborn

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