Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying games

Thank you!

Are u talking about Equia?

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I’m looking for a game in which one of the ROs can be a pre-existing spouse that you’re having relationship issues with. I think they’re also basically your assistant, and they help you with tasks related to the plot. I thought it was Fallen Hero since I think I remember that the MC has a secret identity or there are superheroes involved (idk, I might be wrong about this), but I just played the demo of FH and realized that wasn’t it. Also, I think you can choose the relationship issue you’re experiencing, and one of the options is that your spouse cheated on you. Anyways, I’ve been looking for the better part of an hour with no success.

You’re probably talking about ZIP speedster of valiant city it’s released now.


Yes that’s it! Thanks :slight_smile:

I have this memory of a game, where you play as a knight in some kind of Arthurian or possibly generally medieval (?) setting. You come to a magic castle that’s ruled by a queen. Her son/daughter was an RO I think? And you can make a deal with her by accepting her ring or refuse.

Is it This Present Wasteland - WIP (Updated!) ?

Oh yes it is! Thank you!

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Hey guys!
So I’m seeking a particular game that I believe is about zombies. (If I’m not getting it confused with an actual novel I’ve read…)

Off the top of my head, here are things that I remember from it:

  • Starts out in an apartment
  • Able to go into another apartment room, see a corpse hanging with a note and a key(?)
  • I seem to remember a scene in a store-type setting where you either a)sneak around, or b) help two(?) women
  • I remember a glass door and an elevator, I believe there is an injured man as well.
  • I remember the power being out, and choosing to either walk or steal a car to get to a different point.
  • I think there is a military barracks that you can invade that requires you to find a password, a 4-digit number.
  • I think this game has something with a ship that you have to sneak through, and one amiable survivor on board?

At first, I thought it was Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, but I don’t think so, since this game starts out with your character filling out some test for your friend Jaime. I thought there was a regular Zombie Exodus game, but I guess I was wrong.

Anyone care to assist? Thanks!

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There is a Zombie Exodus game, and some of the things you described are in it.


I thought so! I have forgotten which Google account I purchased it under, though, and it’s a devil trying to find the regular game on CoG.

I really admire SH, but I have to say that I like ZE vanilla a bit more.

It’s here on the CoG website.

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That’s it, thanks so much!

So I’ve forgotten - Are these two stand-alone, despite being ZE?

They are technically different stories, though having one does qualify you for a bonus in the other.

The “sequel” is more of a spin-off, iirc. But it’s been a while since I’ve played either game.

Hey everyone! I remember a WIP where MC was the second born child of a royal family and their sister is better than them in combat and has powers (she’s like an special talented woman and MC was compared to her constantly), the parents of MC and sister were killed by a commander I think)? And now they’re going to war against him (and a enemy kingdom who helped him).

I think it is [WIP] Arcadie: Second-Born (Demo updated: Oct 13)


And he didn’t uploade it elsewhere?
I really liked those ones…

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Game where you’re a dark elf with powers but get killed or critically injured and a farmer and his daughter find you and nurse you back to health.

I think it’s Shattered?

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