Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying games

You’re looking for The Goodfellows!

Lucky for you, they updated very recently :smiley:

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Looking for a game where you a transported to an RPG (?) game and together with another character, you have to kill the vampire who lives in a castle. Turns out the vampire is also a player who has been transported here and can’t get out.

Don’t wake me up i think


indeed it is xx

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Hello, hello! Does anyone know about a wip where the mc is a vampire, but then zombies came while in a concert. I remember that you can romance a detective(?) and there’s also a bus…

Love how often this gets asked. :blush: It’s Apex Predators. On Hiatus at the moment.


OK so the game I’m seeking was on my mind for quite some time and the last time I saw it was a long time ago and I don’t have a lot of details in my mind. So in the game you start by playing a character that is living on the streets, while you progress in the story the mcs life gets better but then he gets killed. After the Mc died they woke up in hell and got reincarnated as the devil. Later in the game you also join the mafia. I hope that’s enough information cause I can’t think of anything else

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Could be but I can’t seem to find anything about it

@LucHD you can’t find anything because the author was banned from the forums :mask:


Man that sucks. I thought the game was really good but looks like I can’t do anything about it

OmO thank u very much :DD

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Hi so the game am searching for was about some kind of specialist from an empire i had two partners and we were tasked to help a local governor i think the other thing i remember was that i threathen some soldiers with the guns of my ship sorry for the broken english

Magikiras ?

Where you take over a ship with guns on it that’s the only one I can think of atm

That would be The Operative: Fires of Revolution.


There was this author who wrote stories, in one you meet and elf? An Elven who travels with you and you eventually build your own kingdom, and you’re a demon and the demon king is hunting you so you and your kingdom escape, but you’re believed to be dead. But you actually travel to a time long ago and meet a dragon who is in a dragon egg and you agree to meet in your original time line which you do. You also meet these fighting masters? Who live in a sky temple? I really loved this story I just can’t find it anymore not even the author :frowning:

Awww :frowning: I think he wrote the story I’m looking for as well

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I remember reading a demo on here a few months ago but I don’t remember if it’s still a WiP or not. Basically most of the characters aren’t human and you have to choose the kind of nonhuman you want to be. I remember picking a soul that is living in a doll that you can customize the looks of.
You’re on this train and you’re kind of forced to work for the government to look into supernatural crimes- believes the story hints that you and another character were in similar situations as to why you’re working for them.
Then you and to RO detective/guardian go to like a home to investigate something and then they get attacked.

Any ideas?

That would be the Smoke and Velvet WIP.