Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying games

Oh yeah! you’re right! Thanks a lot! Somehow this WIP suddenly just comes to my mind and i was wondering how it was going. And it looks like the Author is really taking their sweet time with the updates :’)

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Hi, I remember playing a game here I really enjoyed. It was set in a sort of feudal China and the MC was the emperors child. You could choose your mother’s nationality from quite a substantial list. At some point the MC is attacked by a tiger and you have a choice of killing it , releasing it or taking it into captivity. Any help is much appreciated.

@iirish I’m not sure but is it this one? (26/03/18 Update!) [WIP] 神龍之土 Land of the Dragon

YES brilliant. Thanks.

wish I had found this a long time ago! lol I read this wip in which we were some sort of, hm, bloody mermaids? you could be a guy too I think, we hunt and kill men in the sea and can’t stay out of water for too long, and there’s someone called Charlotte if I remember it right, that’s probably not the best description but that’s all I can remember lol, thanks.

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:ocean: Abysm’s Veil :ocean:


that’s it! thank you so much :blush::sob:

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I’m looking for a wip in which the mc own a cemetery business also the mc go to college
The mc major is something to do with business

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@LordRaijin I think it is “Blood Hunter”


There’s one that I cannot remember if it was even on this site. It involved an Android. Not helpful I know, but this one had a crystal space dragon Jesus type of church and some over the top anime vibes with knife throwing ninja ladies and magical Templar people. Needless to say, it was freaking awesome.

Anyone know what the hell I’m talking about?

@Hex Could it be «Eucharist and Droids»?


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Yes, that’s the one!

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There was this really good work in progress game that I’ve been on the look out for. The MC was really cool.

I remember the game starting out with the MC getting away from the government and ends up in an apartment with two girls. At some point, you could go with one of the girls to go shopping, and all. I believe the last portion that I played was when the MC could choose to take on a government job or at least meet some of the famous good guys, which could risk them of getting caught. But the reason the MC took it was because one of the girls was a big fan of one of the “heroes”. There was also this cute scene where the MC didn’t know what a shower was, and had trouble showering because of the water temperature changes.

There’s this wip I read years ago, I don’t remember if it was deleted or the author dropped, but the mc was a kind of spy that forgot their memories and is brought to a ship were they’re treated like a criminal and has to be supervisioned by the ship’s crew, and you can choose to obey your creators or not.

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Is it this? Demon: Recollect

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Is this the one?


Yes! That’s the one! I don’t know how you guys are so good at this. Really, thank you! I honestly thought it was removed from the website. Thanks a lot!

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Yeah, this is it. Thank you.