Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying games

It’s here on the CoG website.

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That’s it, thanks so much!

So I’ve forgotten - Are these two stand-alone, despite being ZE?

They are technically different stories, though having one does qualify you for a bonus in the other.

The “sequel” is more of a spin-off, iirc. But it’s been a while since I’ve played either game.

Hey everyone! I remember a WIP where MC was the second born child of a royal family and their sister is better than them in combat and has powers (she’s like an special talented woman and MC was compared to her constantly), the parents of MC and sister were killed by a commander I think)? And now they’re going to war against him (and a enemy kingdom who helped him).

I think it is [WIP] Arcadie: Second-Born (Demo updated: Oct 13)


And he didn’t uploade it elsewhere?
I really liked those ones…

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Game where you’re a dark elf with powers but get killed or critically injured and a farmer and his daughter find you and nurse you back to health.

I think it’s Shattered?

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I’m not really sure :confused:

Yo it is :smiley: thanks.

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Ok I might just be insane and this WIP just didn’t exist. But you spawn in a city and you’re a kid I think and monsters start attacking and a girl with the powers to spawn a sword or dagger or something tries to save you but you both end up getting rescued by a hero but another hero shows up and forces him to stop saving you because of laws that are in place or something and you and the girl become friends and end up becoming villains. I remember more but i feel like this post is already too long :eyes: but yeah i can’t find it if it existed at all…


Whoops; I think that’s my old WiP, Countdown to World’s End:sweat_smile: I’m sorry to say that it’s probably not going to get completed, at least not in its current form, but I won’t be taking down what’s already there.


You know, I thought this was an anime plot for sure…


ParrotWatcher to save the day again, if it’s a story i like I can’t remember I’m just gonna assume it’s one of yours xD. Thank you. I honestly thought I dreamed it because I couldn’t find it for so long.

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thank you so much!!! <3

I’m very sorry if this is not the correct forum to post in.
I remember a few years ago, playing one of these games that I had accidentally stumbled upon while on the internet. It was this same format, reading a chapter, then waiting a couple of hours for the next one to unlock.
You arrive in a big city and meet up with a new friend. It was the choice of a few different characters, I chose the bubbly young socialite. You meet a woman that runs a local speakeasy (if I remember correctly). You can choose to work at her establishment as either a singer, bartender or something else. The police are interested in her business and you can choose to give up information about her or stay loyal.
I’m sorry the details are so vague, I don’t remember a lot more.
If this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know. I really want to play this game again.
Thank you.

@Dalie01 I believe this only came out last year, not a few years ago, but it sounds like the game you’re looking for is Jazz Age!


That sounds like the game. Thanks so much, it feels like a long time since I’ve played it but my crazy brain someone blends time together.
Thanks again. :+1:

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I’m looking for a wip (I think?) about you finding out that your dad was a supernatural entity (player’s choice) and now you have inherited his traits and Magic! And have to go to his hometown to learn what you are. You can study magic and be more intune with yourself and get a job.