Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Yes, it is it thank you

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Hi everyone! I am looking for this WIP were the MC has a library, but in their time off they’re a vigilante or something? They have a robot, only have their father, he (father) works with the ROs in some kind of secret agency? and they (the ROs) uses masks of animals (I think one of them was either a wolf or a German Shepherd?) And I believe the ROs are also Greek Gods.

Apologies for my English, lol.

Pretty sure that’s: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/wip-the-voice-of-silverking-first-book/78644

Yes it is! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I remember reading this WiP last week but I forgot the name of it already :sneezing_face: Anyways it’s based loosely around the Greek mythology story of Persephone and Hades and how your MC is kinda forced into a political marriage with Hades (unless you’re my MC who wants to be with Hades). But you can also be with Hermes and some other characters if you want to.

Any ideas?

Is it Fields of Asphodel?


It is! Thank you so much!

I scrolled through the forums several times looking for it but couldn’t remember it for the life of me.

hey peeps, does anyone know about the wip where mc was an angel(?) and there was a war between heaven and hell and the mc was taken and tortured. mc also had six wings but five of them had been painfully yanked and there were deep lacerations on their back, as a result they had only one wing remaining. after that they were dropped into an ocean on earth and two of the ro’s saved them and admitted them to a hospital where a mean detective like touched them or something to access their memories??? we also had a doctor!ro

if anyone knows could you please let me know :pleading_face::point_right::point_left:

Please check if it is Serpentine. If not, i’ll keep looking.

oh yeah it is!!! thank you so much :two_hearts:

Hey guys. Whats that wip in which the mc can sort of see the future and is blamed for the prince and his master’s murder? If i remember correctly, the mc also had unique eyes.

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i believe that’s Insight :slight_smile:

Thats it. Thank You. Although the dashingdon link is not working anymore? Is the WIP shelved?

ah, timing! i just got the notif that it was uploaded to itch.io :joy:

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Oh alright. Thanks again.

Hello all, I’m looking for a WIP I can’t remember much, but I’ll try. The people in the story had wings, but they couldn’t fly with them anymore since magic has been disappearing for a while. MC and their childhood friend stumbled upon someone with a dragon and a person from another clan. The dragon ended up giving MC and their friend a mark on their hand (I think) that allowed them to talk with the dragon. I’m afraid that’s all I really remember :sweat_smile:

Is it Changeling Exchange?

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Yes that’s it. Thank you so much!

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What happened to Apex Predators?

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