Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Oh man, you’re quick. I think that’s exactly it. Thank you!

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does anyone know this one wip where you start with mc being a kid and their playing hide and seek with their dad there is also a scene where the parents start arguing at night and the little kid hears everything ? i think the kid is from a noble family or something

That sounds like One Thousand Blooms by Lycoris to me.

i can’t link the demo because it was taken down (to concentrate on their latest project) but i know lycoris is trying to put it up again (once they work out the kinks).


okok thank you,

I can’t remember the title of this, but it involves a vampire MC during a zombie apocalypse. Anyone know the title or can link me to it? Thanks!


Apex Predators, it’s on hiatus.


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So a while back I played a demo where the MC moves into a house full of werewolves…I think. Anyways the MC was recently turned from what my foggy foggy brain remembers.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Maybe Betovering House?

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quite pawssible. :wink:


I see what you did there…and applawed :heart:


So I’m looking for another demo :sweat_smile:
In it your a high school student trying to run from you city, which the supernatural are running wild in. You can be bitten by a werewolf or vampire at the beginning then choose between your aunt, who’s a witch or your uncle who’s a hunter…i think.

I read this years ago so I’m understand if its not up anymore.

I believe this is the game.

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I’m looking for a wip I haven’t seen in a while, where the MC is a teenage Seer whose family die in a fire and they have to investigate with their witch, vampire, and… some other magical entity best friends. I really liked it. Anyone have any leads?

The Lure of the Gallows

Brilliant, thank you!

I’m looking for a wip based on a world where there are powered and non-powered humans. We are a young super with enhanced physical attributes brought up in an underground secret facility trained and experimented on like a weapon. I remember one of the characters being called Empath. Anyone any leads?

Hmm, I’m thinking of this one?

Thanks, been looking for this for a while.