Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

it is! thank you, you are a life saver!

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This game that I’ve been looking for is a pretty old (I think), completed one.

It revolves around a character in a mafia gang. Honestly, that’s the only thing I remember considering it’s been a long time since I played it. But I really had fun with it because of one thing that really stood out to me. Somewhere past the halfway point of the game, you meet this woman whom I think was named Dragon(?) with a blade. She was supposedly an enemy that you had to kill, but throughout your fight with her, you could feel the tension between her and the MC, and if you were a good person earlier in the game, you could choose to romance her at that exact moment. How the fight was described was what really hooked me in. In one of the ending, I think you could choose to chase after the true enemy to the country of Japan (or China?), and she’ll help you kill them. I hope that’s enough to get off on…

Sounds like It’s Killing Time.


Oh man, you’re quick. I think that’s exactly it. Thank you!

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does anyone know this one wip where you start with mc being a kid and their playing hide and seek with their dad there is also a scene where the parents start arguing at night and the little kid hears everything ? i think the kid is from a noble family or something

That sounds like One Thousand Blooms by Lycoris to me.

i can’t link the demo because it was taken down (to concentrate on their latest project) but i know lycoris is trying to put it up again (once they work out the kinks).


okok thank you,

I can’t remember the title of this, but it involves a vampire MC during a zombie apocalypse. Anyone know the title or can link me to it? Thanks!


Apex Predators, it’s on hiatus.


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So a while back I played a demo where the MC moves into a house full of werewolves…I think. Anyways the MC was recently turned from what my foggy foggy brain remembers.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Maybe Betovering House?

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quite pawssible. :wink:


I see what you did there…and applawed :heart:


So I’m looking for another demo :sweat_smile:
In it your a high school student trying to run from you city, which the supernatural are running wild in. You can be bitten by a werewolf or vampire at the beginning then choose between your aunt, who’s a witch or your uncle who’s a hunter…i think.

I read this years ago so I’m understand if its not up anymore.

I believe this is the game.

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I’m looking for a wip I haven’t seen in a while, where the MC is a teenage Seer whose family die in a fire and they have to investigate with their witch, vampire, and… some other magical entity best friends. I really liked it. Anyone have any leads?

The Lure of the Gallows

Brilliant, thank you!