Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Just that one…? Damn. Thanks!

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Hi literally had to create an account for this so I hope you guys can help me I’ve been looking for this game I can bearly remember the details but you’re like a mercenary or something idk but one scene has you meet up with your business partner and they are like a neko like an actual catperson and there is one time that you can gift them a collar with a bell on it I think the bell was glass I hope it’s not just some dream I had 'cause I’ve looked everywhere for it

Sounds like Fatehaven.


That’s it! I’ve looked everywhere for it thanks so much :sob:

Here I am again haha, thanks for the last person for answering my question forgot to thank them.
This time I’m looking for a web where you get adopted into a family as a baby who owns a bakery and when you go out on an errand you find some thugs causing trouble and unlock your inner magic (you could choose from a variety of magic but I remember choosing gravity) then some guards try to invite you to some academy

Red String Of Fates

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thanks bud!

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You were like a plant and could take a like human form I think and you had like a sister tree and she was attacked I don’t really remember much else.

Sounds like God of Red Mountain


Looking for the game(or demo) that allow you to choose your super nature specie, I remember one of the option is hellhound and another one is some sort of doll ?

Dang xD
I literally just forgot the name, but i know it’s moved from CoG- to itch I believe

The old name i think is When It Hungers but i dont know the new name. Sorry

That is the new name, Abe. :wink:

Here’s the link to Roast’s blog.
The project is still in the early stages of the redevelopment, so I don’t know if there’s anything playable yet. Remember to patient, and respectful if so.


So I’ve been digging through my bookmarks for this WIP for an hour now, and still no luck. you play an MC who got their soul stolen and now has to share a soul with their sister. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I might be misremembering something, but that sounds like @Jayffel’s old WIP… The topic might not exist anymore, since I can’t seem to find it. :worried:

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hey whats that IF where the MC owns a nightclub and is a vampire? one of the ros is your assistant, i think their name wa bill or something

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I think you’re talking about water to blood, they’re on itch io


oh yes! thank you <3

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That’s smoke and velvet my guy

hey sorry for the very, very late reply, but wanted to say thank you!!