Hey Everybody. I Think I Might Come Back!


Hey all. If you don’t know me, (which you probably don’t, lol), I was an active member here a long time ago. Looking at some of my old projects however has inspired me to try this whole Choice Of web-engine another go. So, here I am. That’s about all, however I would also like to mention that my Life Sim idea is currently being worked on in my head and I think I shall try to create an acceptable life sim yet again. So, wish me luck and I hope to bring out a demo soon. :stuck_out_tongue: Tschüß!


Welcome back


Welcome back bud


Dodge those bullets Neo! Dodge!!!

I loved your little games.

No! Cut the wire!


Welcome back. :slight_smile:


I remember dodge them bullets Neo! That was awesome! Welcome back!


Cut the Wire is PRICELESS. =))


Your mini-games were always so fun…

I think I went half-mad trying to beat Talon’s score on the Neo one… only to have Talon finally admit he cheated and had reported a fake score.

Or was that Talon? Or another gamer? Gods, I’m getting old… old enough for amnesia to start settling in.

Edit: Retried the game to see if I could refresh my high score… I couldn’t. Is 12 actually the legitimately highest score anyone ever got on bullet dodger?


Yay! It’s so nice to have someone back into the chockingly tight knit community that is the forum!

(P.S: Dodging bullets are easier then your game)


Cut the wire is hilarious =)) =))


Oh my god, I forgot Cut The Wire. Lol, nice to have the warm welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:


You have to do a game where is the poisonous drink, where player has to choose between a list of cocktail drinks where is the poison one to give it to your husband. =))


TIYF, welcome back! god to see another middle ages personality return!