Hexfinder WiP - Play Chapters 1-9 (New chapter for the summer solstice!)

In honour of the final Ember Day of 2022, the upcoming December Solstice, and any new visitors from the Upcoming CoG Releases 2023 thread - it’s new chapters time!

Hexfinder: December 17 2022 Edition

What do these two add?

Chapters 7 and 8 form the bulk of the Second Act, where your intrepid hexfinder has been sent to Broughton Castle. Or Ipsden. Slight spoiler about destinations: You’ll go to both, but the order changes how things play out.

When I planned this game and added a branching path in the central act, I didn’t quite realise it would take me 200k+ words and more than a year to resolve. But here we are, lessons learned :smiley:

This portion of the game is wrapped up in Chapter 9, and I originally intended to wait until all of that was done before updating the WIP. But since it’s been over a year since I shared anything, I want to get more words out there in the world.

What kind of feedback would be most useful here?

As usual, most comments are helpful and welcomed. But what I’m especially hoping to get ironed out is instances where it seems like the code may have redirected you somewhere incorrect. There are LOT of semi-overlapping parts and moving pieces in Chap 7-8, and plenty of spots where one or more characters may or may not be present in a scene. So if somebody shows up who shouldn’t be there, or it bounces you to a point in the story that makes no sense, let me know! Such bugs need to be squashed.

I keep succeeding/failing at everything I try, what’s going on?

Stat boosts/checks are not at all final, and probably only semi-balanced. They shouldn’t be TOO weird though - so if anything seems egregious, do mention that. In general, I intend to tune things to the more forgiving side.

Will my old dashingdon save work?

I doubt it! The earlier chapters have a few minor changes as well. Save system is implemented again though (with three slots).