HEROs V.S VILLIANS a disscution/battle for humanitiy or distruction of it


yo im having some major brainfarts right now its pretty bad please if anyone could help by describing what a hero or villan should be like basicly give me ideas of power/combinations or fighting styles, what they would look like, there morals, and how they get things done etc etc etc Plus thout it be funner to have a war at the same time any help is appreciated
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Well, I’m not sure if I can actually role play, cause I’m living in the Perth down under =P.
But, I’ll give the character creation a shot:

Name: Kayden Agani
Aliases: Prophet and Kinesis
Powers: Has the powers of telekinesis. Is extremely intelligent, and a gifted engineer and businessman. Sometimes has visions of the future, but they are rare, and abstract.
Weaknesses: Sucks are any melee combat really, and has no weapon specialties, although he can shoot a gun pretty well (nothing like actual trained people).
Affiliation: Himself. Self made private business.
Bio: He was quite young when he got a vision of the future. It was a vision of him killing his best friend through telekinesis. But because he was young, he thought it was just a bad dream, and he forgot about it. Later on, he discovered his powers of telekinesis, and together with his best friend Andrew, they kept testing his powers to the limit. One day, his vision came true, and Kayden killed Andrew. Because of this incident, he’s scared of using the full extent of his powers. Over time his mental wounds healed, but he was still scarred. He devoted his life to helping those in his visions, so that he would never have to see such horrible things happening ever again. He used his intelligence to build a business, and uses his money help others. He mostly just stays out of sight though, and most people don’t know of him.


Power Mass Chaos=Villan(Mass Chaos turns ally against ally so a nice way to leave)


Well people like good-chaos, over good-lawful,


I think the best kind of villain is an anti-hero or one more complex than black or white evil, one like Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman is good. It’s hard to say for sure because I don’t know what feel you’re going for


An anti-hero is still a hero, for the most part.

But I agree that that grey-grey morality is more interesting than black-white morality. Sure, a villain that’s a complete monster is easier to write, but it tends to be hard for people to identify anything with the character.

Same thing goes for if your hero is a complete saint. There have to be flaws somewhere to make an interesting character.

As for powers, just remember that a power usually isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s dependent on how the person uses it. Really, a hero or villain could have any sort of ability and twist it to suit their needs.


Yeah, grey morality is definitely preferable in most cases. A quote that springs to mind for this is “everyone is the hero of their own story”. The antagonist should have good reasons for what they’re doing, reasons just as valid as the protagonist’s.


I like a dark anti-hero for a villain, a character who wants good, but how he does it is horrible to a sane, moral, man.



Well-intentioned extremists are always fun. Watchmen pulls this off incredibly well.


Agreed :smiley:


Rorschach is a perfect example from Watchmen, like @CS_Closet said.


Agreed on many parts I do have a hero I’ve been working on though some holes here and there on the creation of his hero self and don’t have many limits to powers or life


Name: Reaper Born: Modernday guy just graduated high school teaches at a Kung Fu studio one day just happens to save his girlfriend life but gives up his soul to hell goes through tourcher and body alterations to make his soul half demon breakes out kills the grim reaper taking his scyth giving him the ability to walk among the living again no zombie after effects p.s he’s Black that’s what I got for now add or subtract give opinions


Cool confusing but cool


Yea it sounds better in thought but gets tricky when you think about it I have a simpler hero basically blond skater kid that gains the power of style and the sun ( version of viewtiful Joe but no movie land plus cool moves ) high school freshman


Third hero is a soldier that went through a special project and betrayal from government led to him going rouge hero with a suit that has all kinds of weapons and unlimited ammo do to a matter creation field in his arms signature is a special grenade that rebounds with all grenade types


You know the last one sounds a lot like what every goverment would do.


Yup I kind wanna try brainwashing to over through them jk


HAHA Ok we had a low budget at the time )we really are testing this on my undead-some have 5 IQ now so it is bigger).


Just made a deviant art account going to post some random character drawings