HEROES VS. VILLIANS ROLEPLAY (have characters ready already)


Here it is! Let the roleplaying commence!


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The alley was cold. Cold as death. JoyKil looked at the blood splattered against the wall. A job well done, he thought to himself. This man that he just “redeemed” was a child murderer. JoyKill thought he was doing th world a favor. Some might disagree.


A alarm goes off. A major store is being robbed by a group of notoriously dangerous criminals. JoyKill and Runt get there at roughly the same time, Demon Eye can try to get there too.


/action charges at the ringleader from behind griping him
“why are you here?”


While they were tackling the criminals, a set of red eyes peered around the corner, looking at them, then disappears


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JoyKill quickly knifes a henchman, who falls to the floor in a pool of blood. He wipes the blade and quickly moves on to aprrehend the leader.


Power use his time machine to go back in time.
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Walking to Runt, JoyKill tells him, “Kill the leader. He’s a dog and doesn’t deserve to live”


“Why he can be fixed” *notices red eyes* Get ready *knocks out ring-leader*


The red eyes slowly fade away and you hear the sound of a young woman screaming


JoyKill catches the leaders unconcious body and slits his throat. JoyKill notices the eyes. “It’s Demon Eyes. Damn. I hate that witch.”


“Go save the lady. I got to go. Mugging in alley next door.”


As Runt runs to the alley he finds the scene of a young woman unconscious with blood streaming down her forehead. A shadowy figure notices Runt is there and laughs, “Hey kid, get lost, else you’ll find yerself with a split skull.” Note: Violet loves screwing around with people


JoyKill jumps down on Demon Eyes from the balcony above and pins her to the ground. “Don’t move or I’ll paint the floor with your blood.” Demon Eyes struggles but cant break the iron grip of his hands.


Ursus, and Lupin Bear and wolf generals alike getting there from three different angles. “You crazy bitch!” *Gets close to the ground* “activate you chips guys!” (anti control chips) the three protectors charge their prey from different angles.
Note: He isn’t a kid anymore the ‘incident’ was five years ago.