Heroes Rise: Why so unpopular?


The thing with notes etc is another odd thing:

Throughout the series you’ll have things that can make it seem as if Sergi forgot that he set the story in the future and not and alternative present.
A good example are all the ‘holo’ texts that for some reason exist in a physical form… as if they are written/printed.
The contract in 2, the files in 3.

Correct me if I am wrong, but holo in terms of writing means holographic, right? so, there should be no ‘seeing it’s the size of the novel when someone holds it over their shoulder’, no physical filedrawer etc.


it could be a good interpretation of the character but here’s the probleme : it’s just an interpretation and nothing in the game lead me to see it the same way as you do, it just look like a ‘post-fact’ rationalisation IMO and just reading way too much in a character that basicaly flip flop between personnality

also it was premedited, they talk about how BM’s handler convinced her to do this in redemption seasons

and i don’t see how joining a bunch of second rate fame whore superhero in a second rate governement funded team is the next step in her career when she is already member of the millenial group that was presented as basicaly the justice league in the first game


You’ve Gotta Love Millennials - by Micah Tyler

… anyway, so whether you love or hate the Heroes Rise series, it’s still an impressive feat to be able to have written so many works. Once you have enough stuff out there, the haters will advertise your product for you, and you can just sit back and create more of the same knowing you’ll get free advertising. :wink:


Indeed, I also think one additional problem it has had is the passing of time, as in there are far superior superhero games on CoG now both released and WiP’s. Leaving the Black Magic romance shenanigans that have already been discussed ad infinitum aside for a moment, when it was released it was the best of its era, despite its heavy railroading and lack of real choices it was and remains well-written (as others have noted the spin-off is a different matter). It has since been surpassed in every possible way, I remember that as soon as Tin Star came out it began to feel really short and limited for me in comparison.

As for the genre, you can find equally well or even better written superhero genre games both released and WiP of far more variety within the brand nowadays, like the Hero Unmasked, Fallen Hero, Totem Force and for a better take on the role of the (mass) media in a superhero verse there is either @RenaB 's excellent WiP, Model Citizens: Unmasked that explores it from a non-powered mc perspective or, if and when he resumes it @ParrotWatcher’s second WiP : Countdown to World’s End, in which the mc does have powers of their own. And those are just at the top of my head, superhero seems to be one of it not the most popular genre for a reason and nearly all of them are, imho, better and more enjoyable then Heroes Rise.
The enduring popularity of HR I think did much to pave the way for all these titles and WiP’s but it has also been far surpassed by them and in that respect and in my humble opinion has not aged quite as well as some of the other Choice Games.

These days? Predominantly that it seems to have paved the way for many of those other games and WiP’s. It’'s like a teacher who has long been surpassed by their students.
I suppose Lucky was also a sweet romance that could have had potential but he was the scrappy whose development and potential plot threads were constantly ignored by his own author in favour of the far less appealing Black Magic. Really the guy only seems to have been devised to introduce some artificial tension into the Black Magic relationship and the game almost acts incredulously if you play an mc who actually chooses him because they prefer him over Black Magic.

This is true, but for me the incredibly frustrating thing is that it never seems to pursue the story elements I like most and will even discard them in favour of those I dislike. :unamused:


Sadly, reading too much into things is one of my favourite pastimes :slight_smile:

Wow, really? I’ll mark that down as one more reason I’m glad I never bought those games, then. I’m not a fan of cop-out ‘they only did it because someone else told them to’ explanations.

I got the impression that the Millenial Group were more of a local team, and the American Protectorate were more of a national team (plus being massively hyped as the Next Big Thing). They’d be handling bigger problems, getting more publicity, etc. Sure, a place on the Millenial Group should be more than enough to satisfy your average hero, but the closer you are to the stars, the further you are from the gutter, and all that.


This conversation has been done to death. You can go skim through the old posts to find all the arguments.