Heroes Rise/Community College Hero Crossover Thread


You know what would be pretty cool?

Heroes Rise and Community College Hero crossover.

I don’t know,I just think that an OP Heroes Rise MC who has 100 Legend and is the leader of The Millennial Group visiting the dinky dysfunctional hero college that is Speck pretty hilarious,considering he could’ve visited Prestige or Savior.

And their reaction when they realize that one of the students literally has absolutely no powers and needs to rely on their equipment would be pure gold.

Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)

And then it turns out that their mothers are both called Martha… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Don’t worry. At one point I didn’t have powers either, now I can literally destroy and rebuild the universe with my fiancé if I wanted to!”


Imagine if the Heroes Rise MC met Stoic.

Heroes Rise MC:"So,what’re your powers?"
Stoic looks away for a moment only to look back at them with huge,pink anime eyes.
Heroes Rise MC:…byotiful.
They then proceed to break off with their fiance,and pine over Stoc for the enitre semester.


Or like my MC…

Looks into those eyes, and remembers those were the eyes Black Magic gave him before she went complete psycho.


uses Gravity powers to tip the school upside down and flies off to another planet.


Holy crap,some of the girls in this game are kinky as fuck.

You have DG and how she likes to trip the fuck out as she’s getting boned.

Then there’s Uni and her horns and whatnot.

One can only imagine of the secret fetish that Stoic has…


Sooner or later this whole thread will become one giant fanfiction.


Don’t forget about Tess and her cuffs.

Omg just realised with her hair powers and predication to BDSM, her sex life would totally be a tentacle hentai


Aaaaand this topic got weird again ._____.


One day,Stoic will organize an army of potatoes with anime eyes glued onto them,and she will take over the world.

That is the truth.


No no no no no no no no no no no no.

Why you do dis?


Random guys, honestly, I forget about this thread for 3 days and look what happens :expressionless:. I’m surprised no one’s shipped Black Magic and stoic or hedonist yet…or prodigal and combat wombat.


Yeeaahh, I literally just woke up when I wrote that​:yum: Sorry​:cry::yum::yum:

Don’t wake and post boys and girls


I was more going for Wyvern/Jury myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Or DG and Rebellion :grin:


Than DG really would have rebellion in her LMBO ( you bring the worst out of me😂) But no to the Black Magic shipping I mean black magic a powerful Bri in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

This whole dread went left l


That would be so awesome.


Collab we need a collab of THP & CCH now, I demand it :smile:.
Don’t hate me, but Jenny and downfall :smile:



We all know it’s about McCormick/GG


Black Magic and the Hedonist would be the perfect pair.

Just think about it.With her absolutely bodacious body,the Hedonist won’t need to sexually harass any more students because he’s got fucking Black Magic of all people.

Alternatively,I also ship Stunner and Jury (mainly because they’re both dicks-Stunner is less dickier than Jury,but a dick in my eyes nonetheless).