Heroes of Myth — Are you a hero, a liar, or both?

With all pain of my heart, this is by far my less favorite game in Cog catalog by far. You are a character bland, with no personality zero charisma even if the stat is at 90.

And the game is basically a lineal con to force I say the truth the game is asking me exactly every 500 words if I want to tell the truth…

Do you want to tell the truth?
Do you feel guilty?
Do you want to tell the truth?
Do you feel guilty?
Do you want to tell the truth?
Do you feel guilty?
Choice after choice after choice. Trying with no subtle at all feel bad for betray 3 assholes that have been lying me 3 freaking years!!!

No I don’t want to tell the truth I have said all the time I won’t . I WON’T say the truth stop asking.

Then try hard to shoehorned me, romance guy, I have even talked once before. Sorry, I want to know who I bang before promise eternal love.

For Power Couple, there are options to ask Evander about becoming his consort for political specifically, without ever indicating any romantic interest in him at all.

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Can you please tell me more about this situation? I had a specific romance interest through the whole game and interacted with them a lot, so I didn’t have the same issue. But I would love to learn more about it and reflect it in my review if possible.

Ah, thank you! I will look out for them then.

Evander the first time I met him My choices were or being aro or being literally interested in him. The choice was so confusing. That I ended up with no possibility of romance as a game thought I was aro. I just want to choose. I don’t know the guy I don’t know yet.

Personally, I don’t muss romance as I don’t like any of the characters due probably I can’t know them as the game is obsessed with the Tell the truth tell the truth like it was trying to hypnotize me.

I play evil. I have never felt so much that a game tried so damn hard moralize me.
If you don’t tell the truth and lie game becomes SERMON the game. Where all NPCs only job is to say how naughty you are. How monster how you have killed Kennedy…
.When all npc is power-hungry and as vain and nasty as Pc.

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Thank you for explaining!

I was specifically going for Evander from the very beginning, so I didn’t notice this problem. I will try going through this scene once again but this time with no romantic intent to see how it plays out.

I think part of interactions with him are guided by the fact that the Prince adores you a lot from the very beginning. I would say he is even a bit starstruck by your persona :sweat_smile:

BTW, did you eventually get to the evil ending in your playthrough? There were some nice scenes for dark-focused characters, and your lies were rewarded (at least partially).

No i can not force myself to play the last chapter. i can’t read more DO YOU WANT TELL THE TRUTH? Do you feel guilty?
.Seriously. That could be so easy solve. With a early choice to say

“No matter what I will never ever say the truth” And no I don’t feel guilty
Because the moments game aren’t trying hard force me change my choice is very well written and the lore is super interesting like Magical academy and marriage system…

It does that if you tell the truth too, though. A lot of the game is arguments about whether it’s good or bad to tell the truth or keep the lie, and when I played as someone telling the truth I still got a lot of options to keep the lie, and a lot of text about why keeping the lie might be better. Part of the game is that there are multiple reasons to do either one, and it would cut off a lot of avenues of roleplay if it didn’t have the option for the main character to change their mind about their stance as they go on


If i remember correctly, i never tell the truth as well … i firmly convince myself that i am the real hero and the people believe me , and i never felt any guilt as well, so personally i think the game never force me to do anything …


I don’t want to see options It has no sense to my character as totally take me out of the game totally. If I am an archer and have zero magic I logically shouldn’t have Hight magic spells to choose.

It creates a conflict I have not. I don’t want to have an artificial morality sermon conflict where my character has none. My character doesn’t care about people.

However, the morality speech telling not showing. How conflict I am how terrible I am…

The game turns is about a sermon about truth not an action-packed game about a trickster.

A choice to say NO i won’t tell truth lie should have been an option. The people who want shift would have all that fun sermon anyway not choosing it.

I think the way that we get several chances to change our mind about telling the truth or not would work better if it wouldn’t be tied to an opposites stat. If I start the game off with an MC who prefers to lie then after a while I keep at it just bc I’m worried the game would punish me for suddenly deciding to tell the truth.
Edit: People can change and that’s what I think don’t work so well in many of these games. For example in this one I got punished in my first playthrough for my MC honestly feeling sorry for her involvment in separating Verity from her family and since my MC keept lying about everything else the game decided my MC can’t feel guilt over ruining a family.


yeah, something like that. It is I felt my choices were not tracked down and the game was trying me choose another path. And ai really think is a problem easy to fix because the rest game is good.

Should be separated choices I am determined to lie/truth or options to change and those had a different outcome based on chapter and our opposed.

It now seems I just change anyway and game won’t punish me.
I swear if the truth bard tries to get me tell truth again I will cry… :sob:

That would be less annoying maybe if there where more NPCs beside Alvis who votes for keep lying. As it is now we have him to supprt a liar MC and Meredith who doesn’t care about this as long we beat Cadafel, the others get annoying as they just repeat the same thing and keep being judgemental over the MC. Tho I guess that is just the consequence of our decision.

While it’s a bit annoying to keep answering the same question so many times how does the game change you? As I recall I could play a liar from the beginning to the end.


Yes, I could but flavor text is annoying as is sermon me hard games go that way

"They are suffering because you aren’t telling the truth.

The soldiers are dying because you aren’t telling truth.

If you do not tell the truth Demons will overcome humanity. ARE YOU SURE that DON’T YOU WANT TO TELL THE TRUTH…
The bard and the demon girl keep going on and on and on about “Why you lie?” “lying is bad”

It reminds me of a Nun sermon in religion about the importance of truth and virtue.

The game just doesn’t care fact I have chosen to be a power-hungry girl that gives a shit people and want money and power.
.So trying to tell how poor peasants are not having cake is annoying. It going each tex against what my character is.

It is like playing with Darth Vader and the game tries hard to put me the flavor text of Nelson Mandela.


Does anyone know which choices help you get elemental magic?

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Thank you but I asked the wrong question, i meant to type choices, not stats

Taking the choices to keep up the masquerade and perpetuate the lie instead of telling the truth will get you powers. But taking those choices but failing the stat checks will still hurt the masquerade, so you need to play to your character’s strengths. Are there specific choices you’re having trouble with?

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Basically I keep getting to the point where it’s decided either you get magic or the demon (I forgot it’s name) gets weaker, but somehow I keep getting a 50/50 split so I’m trying to find the choices to get powers

You need to keep letting people believe the lie and choose choices related to that. Also failing the stat checks for keeping the lie lowers the Masquerade level. It needs to be high enough by the time the tournament is over.

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Thanks, I’ll try again