Heroes of Myth — Are you a hero, a liar, or both?

Does anyone know which choices help you get elemental magic?

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Thank you but I asked the wrong question, i meant to type choices, not stats

Taking the choices to keep up the masquerade and perpetuate the lie instead of telling the truth will get you powers. But taking those choices but failing the stat checks will still hurt the masquerade, so you need to play to your character’s strengths. Are there specific choices you’re having trouble with?

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Basically I keep getting to the point where it’s decided either you get magic or the demon (I forgot it’s name) gets weaker, but somehow I keep getting a 50/50 split so I’m trying to find the choices to get powers

You need to keep letting people believe the lie and choose choices related to that. Also failing the stat checks for keeping the lie lowers the Masquerade level. It needs to be high enough by the time the tournament is over.

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Thanks, I’ll try again

LOVED this one. So well crafted, both the narrative backbone and the explorations along the way.

I played first as a charming liar who romances Min and gets them to tacitly endorse my lies, before coming down on Cadafel like a newly empowered ton of bricks. (It was a pretty short and decisive battle). Then as a truth-telling mage who bonds with Meredith and Caron; and finally, for variety, as a demon-hating swordsman who gets into the A/V poly relationship, slays every demon I can, leaves Pasema a smoking crater, and puts Evan on the throne.

All deeply satisfying stories, in their ways, and it’s clear there’re more to be had. I saw different sides of characters, events, and places on each runthrough, which is the main thing I read IF for.

And Min’s song if you pick the evasive option when you first meet them? “Who can say? Who could know? It depends.” Ha! Brilliant.

I will say that the analogy to real life could be a little troubling. Fake news creates a world-threatening monster, and the optimal strategy in response is to up the ante, lie right back until your lie is accepted as true and enough people believe (groundlessly) that you’ll be their savior? That lets you beat the monster, all right…but that particular fantasy allegory would (in my version) end with much more presentiment that you’ve set yourself up to be the next world-devouring monster. :slight_smile: Guess I’m too Min-like.


Really don’t like Min. Sorry but the “androgynous smug, skilled, cool and collected robe-wearing playersexual nb that uses they/them pronouns and is passive/supporting force in the plot” is overdone by now. I’m so tired.

Felt like the ending was rushed. But the rest… the rest was good. Choices had noticeable weight and repercussions and the cast was just small enough to be well-rounded and recognisable, unique and engaging. One of the best CoGs in recent history, I think.


PS: Mara, I’ve not played many CoGs that let you straight up brutally betray friend after friend after hapless well-intentioned demon wannabe friend like this one does.

If you interpreted the “do you want to tell the truth” choices not as moments of actual hesitation by your MC but merely as points where someone else’s very different MC might take a different path… I think you’d find it’s a game that gives more than the usual scope to be a selfish, evil bastard. Just saying. :slight_smile:


I can’t. It is all except one character are blunty sermon me about why don’t you tell the truth? same flavor text same questions.

I feel that the game is trying quite rudely force upon me a determined path. There are ways to minimize the effect of sermon
None was taken . In fact, I am no even in last chapter as the game reach my personal limit sfter Oh no people is suffering Why don’t you tell the truth like 400 question in a row.

Making my 399 NO totally feeling like worthless,. I won’t tell the truth period i don’t care consequences. Stop ASKING

@Havenstone is like In your game you were all game asking me Why didn’t you stop Harrowing? Why do you left Breden behind?

Poor helots over and over and over again like were only choice in game.

A really shame as the rest of game and universe is top notch great dialogues and plot. That could have been fixed in five seconds with just a variable and a choice

I am determined, I will lie about i no matter what happens to others.

As a general note, my intention is that all the ROs are always bi/pan rather than playersexual, though I don’t know how well that comes across. This is a world where the kinds of labels we use for sexualities don’t exist, so it’s a little hard to neatly fit in references to all the different characters’ past relationships/attractions. None of the references that do exist change based on the player’s gender, though. And as a couple of additional character notes, Min is demi, and Meredith is from a race of shapeshifters that doesn’t really have a concept of gender outside of their interactions with humans, mostly presents as female out of habit/convenience, and has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a human before. Probably not with a demon before either. It’s possible she could have pre-Demonsight Stone, but I imagine she was fairly busy with her studies at the time.

Regarding options to tell the truth or lie throughout the game, it’s certainly my intention that those are things other PCs might choose to do without any bearing on what you pursue - the other available options don’t have to have any bearing on what your character wants to do at that point. I don’t want to rule out the possibility that you might change your mind about your overall strategy based on things you didn’t know when you made your first choices, but my goal definitely isn’t to try to force you to change it either. There are very cool things that can only happen if you lie, and I absolutely want people to see them! But of course, as with the ROs, I make no claims about how successfully any of this comes across, or how well it works for anyone.


I think is maybe the pacing In one chapter I have meredith asking me why i am lie then min then the prince then the game. It is reading that feels like forcing a path. When I have decided my choice even before starting. However, It is a good game only that made the game unplayable for me. Maybe in a future game you could think a way that make the question not feel so repetitive or directly give agency player to say No, whatever it happens I won’t do X.

Tbh that’s practically the same to me when it comes to these games since they interact with the MC the same way and we rarely read about past romances what could make difference imo. Sure I get it that the ROs past romances would rarely have anything to do with the plot, but if instead of just making it possible to romance an RO with any MC we would also know that an RO had romantic interest towards both women and men /and NBs that would make clearer that the RO is bi or pan rather than playersexual I think.
Edit: Also I’m not sure why it would be better if an RO is canonically bi rather than playersexual since both way pleases any player since they get the access to romance the RO.

Broadly, and speaking only for myself, I find it very rewarding if an RO is bi or pan as opposed to playersexual because it’s nice to see the representation, even if it has the same overall mechanical effect.


But is it effective representation if the author has to explain it out of the game? Also if we go by this then bi people get so much representation, but where is the representation for gay or cetero people? I’ll just go with the assumption that all these ROs are playersexual (talking about all CoGs/HGs here where there aren’t enough ROs to represent everyone) so I don’t feel left out. I mean no offense here, guess it just makes me feel better to imagine that the author tried to equally please everyone.

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Yeah, I know mentioning it out of game isn’t ideal. I would have liked to establish it more clearly in-game, but did find it hard to fit in, as I said. It’s definitely something I’m still considering how to handle for future games, and I really appreciate feedback on it!

In terms of other representation, Letha and Despina are gay, and Letha at least can mention not being into men in-game, though I’m not sure if Despina does. I know non-RO representation isn’t quite the same thing, though. When it comes to broader representation of sexualities among the ROs, it’s mostly just the difficulty of having a manageable number of ROs when it comes to code complexity/enough time to flesh out all of the relationships, while still offering options for all players. That’s probably a better topic for other threads on the forum, but these are all definitely things I’ll keep in mind for future games!


Cetero characters don’t exist because non-binary characters don’t exist outside of one token smug, calm, skilled, robe-wearing androgynous amorphous blob with no actual gender identity and a sexuality either defined by “whoever’s available” or “whoever’s nice to me”.

Sorry, I’m just really tired of this archetype in every, every, every game that has a nb.

To be fair, it’s probably not easy for authors who aren’t non-binary. They have to include nb characters, otherwise they get called out for not being inclusive enough but how are they supposed to know exactly what it’s like if they’ve never experienced it and never met a few non-binary people who explained to them in details what it feels like? It might be useful to message the authors with suggestions…?


For cis people is very difficult to explain and show what Cetero is. I am a clear example . And even more, for casuals, it is difficult to understand what is.

I know It shouldn’t be that way. But it is. Or you ended up with my attempt to make an Nb I show my character to some friends here (literally here in Spain). And some say Is a woman other is a guy and others just laugh.

So I understand the struggle of authors.