Hero87's Story Ideas Vote!


Okay as some of you guys know, I write stories and I post them on wattpad.com and deviantart.com.
And with that said, since my fantasy story “Power Legacy” is around 3/5 4/5 done, I am making a little poll to determine what two stories I will start next. (I enjoy writing multiple stories at once in case I get writer’s block and I am still working on “Mental”, so this will give me a total of three stories for me to work on).
So here are a few story ideas that I am thinking about writing (some have titles already some don’t):

Laylania 2 - not a permanent title yet, it’s up to change but it gets its point across for now. This will be a sequel to my adventure story “Laylania” (which can be found here and on wattpad.com) and it will follow the Laylania troop as they travel across the countries in order to find the truth about Angelic Mark Bearers. Many new characters will be introduced (I have already sketched them out a while ago).

The Bloody Maiden: Sicarious was an assassin who was known as “The Bloody Maiden” while she was alive who was sent to hell for her sins. She was called that because supposedly, her blade ran red with the blood of all the people she killed. But other strong criminals in hell have escaped and are bent on bringing chaos to the world of the living. The ruler of hell asks (aka forces) her to stop them, so the ruler of hell gives her special permission to leave hell. Why does the ruler of hell ask Sicarious to stop the criminals? What drove the criminals to leave hell in the first place?

And my newest idea which has no title yet but I am thinking of it being a three book series. Anyway here’s the summary of the first book: A girl accidentally releases a demon who holds a grudge against humanity by accident in her past life. Now reborn fifty years later, she goes on a quest alongside her reborn comrades to fix the wrongs of her previous life. To do this, she must go to the six elemental temples and restore the power of the guardian of the temple and destroy the wandering minions of the demon. Will she be absolved of her sins?

Please comment below the two ideas you would like me to work on. You guys until August 20th to comment your choices! Of course I will also vote as seeing I am the one who will be writing the story. After August 20th I will close the journal and say which two ideas I will write.


Is this going to be interactive fiction?


No this is going to be a story I will post on wattpad.com and on deviantart.com.


We’re more a community focused on writing interactive fiction, specifically games in choicescript. Have you considered giving that a go? You might find more interest in what project you work on next.


Hey, here’s something I did: consider your options, choose one that you think suits your writhing style better and go with that. Lot simpler than voting since it is fair on the author which causes less stress and the readers can read a better story because the author enjoyed themselves.


Ahh i see. I use the stories I write as a reference to help me when I create manga panels (it just makes it easier to see how things flow and whatnot). I hope that once I get a lot of popularity with the story and manga, that I could eventually get an anime adaption and a game adaption. Writing the story before helps me to collect my thoughts and focus on where I want the story to go.


That’s the problem, I want to write them all equally XD I think that each of the stories would fun to write and bring to life (as well as designing awesome characters). I was just curious to see what my readers would like to read the most to help me decide which to write first lol


What about a visual novel? I believe it has been done in CS before.


Even for that I would need a written story to help me plan out the shots and the dialogue. Also I’m not very techy and I prefer writing a story rather than a visual novel.


Welllllll…have you asked your wattpad or deviantart fans what they’d prefer? Most people here think of plots in terms of branching stories, such as in the CS games, so I’m not sure how much help we’d be :slight_smile:


I have and I thought if I posted here I could also get some ‘votes’. I just wanted to get a wide array of opinions and I thought this place could help.


I can only imagine how that goes, this forum will say story, deviantart and whatnot will say comic or somethin similar just because this is mostly a writing community and deviantart, well art.


I actually posted somewhat the same thing, since I also post the writings on deviantart (since it takes a looooong time for me to create manga). I just want to know what people would like to read.