Hero/villain/slice of life/cooking idea for a wip

I have no idea where my mind was going with this.

I wanted to create a story in a world filled with heroes and villains, kinda like the xman.
In that world, mutants with super powers go to become either super heroes or villains. Mutants also managed to successfully coexist with the rest of the human race. No longer do they have to hide the fact that they have powers.

Now for you:

You are a boy or girl it doesn’t really matter and you are born into a prestigious line of heroes. Your mom and dad are a great team and very legendary, they have the perfect life and perfect power children. One of your brothers is a famous villain. The other two, twins, are beginning to make a splash in the hero world. Your big sister is on that road, being deem a prodigy and your little brother at only 5 can already levitate cars of the ground.

Then there is you. For some abnormal reason you don’t seem to be born with outrages powers. You can’t freeze things or fly, you can’t shoot laser from your eyes or have super strength. In fact there is no proof that you posses powers at all.

That makes you an outcast in your family and the world.

Because of this, you have had a lonely childhood where you spent most of the time reading fantasy books and cooking. Yes you read me right, cooking!

After your 10 birthday and without signs of super powers. Your parents summon your hippie, silly, homey and very loving aunt Deborah or big Debbie as they call her for very large reasons, to come and help them raise you. Your aunt is the biggest, meanest, baddest chef the south has ever seen. She owns a little diner in the middle of no where, where she cooks for a lot of people. You two soon bond and have many adventures from trying to invent a new sauce, to figuring out how you’re going to cook for 1000 people with ageing utensils and a rundown kitchen.

After time passes your aunt starts noticing something strange about your cooking. She has seen you create dishes that would belong in 5 star restaurants or 10 star hotels. She has seen you made feast that could be given to a king or queen. But that is not the strange part. The strange part she sees is when you bake any type of dessert. It’s like with every piece of pie or cake you bake, you bottle up a drop of happiness capable of making sad people happy. To put it to the test, your aunt sends you on a date with an orphan who only wants to be adopted but is to old and nobody wants her.

After feeling bad for her, you decide to make another date with her. You tell her that you are going to bake her something that would make her happy. The next day, you give her a slice of pie which she then eats. 24 hours later, you meet the girl again accompanied by your aunt and she then tells you that she met a couple who decided to adopt her and thanks you very much. Your aunt is very happy because she just confirmed her suspicions.

That you indeed have dangerous powers but not the kind that can be shown.

Your powers consist in giving a person their happily ever after… What you gave the girl without knowing it, was a slice of the happily ever after pie which you accidentally created. (Very strong stuff)

After that, your aunt decides to whisk you away to her middle of no where diner where she begins to train you in the ways of the patissiere.

You and her set the kitchen on fire to the highest degree. She with her out of this world dishes and you with your magical desserts.

Along the way, through your highs and lows and knowledge of fantasy books. You begin to help the regulars and weird customers who end up at the diner for a reason or another with their problems.

Through your baking, you try to give them a happily ever After.

working on demo…


I loooove this idea. It’s like X-Men meets Amelie meets Space Battle Lunchtime meets The Blue Fairy Book. I hope you’re able to develop it! I would love to play a game like this.

(Edit: Also I moved this to the WiP section for you–hope you don’t mind!)


Count me interested; looking forward to playing a demo

This seems like a very interesting concept. I’ll be keeping my eye on this WIP and can’t wait to try the demo. :relaxed:

This sounds adorable!

This sounds like an amazing concept

I like the story concept - we need more pie… and cakes.

…Sounds like there is a severe lack of player decisions, might be better to just write a book, or a visual novel.


lol I haven’t even made the thing. How can there be a severe lack of player decisions?

,Meaning that your outline doesn’t seem to be “open”, you seem to have it all planned out. With only one path.

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Oh I see, i’m slow and things take time for me. Yes maybe it sounds and seems linear but I hope to develop it more in my mind before creating anything. After all it’s just a beginning concept. You are welcome to add to it if you like.

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I love the concept, but the only downside I see to this story is that you unknowingly make this story seem like an X-Men story so be careful to avoid that :smile:.

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Your idea sounds amazing. I truly hope you go through with this. It’s a brilliant idea imho. Good luck in developing this, and remember the most important part. Have fun.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with linear. In fact linear’s a great way to go for your first game. Look at Heroes Rise, it’s a very linear game, it’s also one of the most successful Choice games.

Will we be able to enter a cookery tv show?

Will there be the ethical dilemmas of such food brought up?


I feel like giving people happy endings by giving them pie is a bit too easy. Happiness should be a bit harder to get than that, otherwise it’s not really worth a whole lot and you haven’t grown as a person.
But that’s getting into the realm of philosophy. There probably is a way to do it without reducing happiness’ value in the global economy.


Are those endings actually happy?

What if two people are forced to love each other when they aren’t compatible? That it’s wrapped up, called a happy ending, and they can’t help but be happy. Is that actually good?

Is it the equivalent of taking a drug?

Is forcing these things upon people, against their consent, unethical?

Won’t someone try to use your abilities for evil? Or to force world peace, in a way that irons over all the actual problems in the world by just pretending they don’t exist, without resolving anything.


It’s not all about cooking is it is there romance

It sounds like a wonderfully original idea, I look forward to seeing this story develop!

Reads the title of the thread

Such combination can’t exist,can it?

Goes on to read the description

I-I…I never thought I would ever see something like this! You sir(ma’am?) are a genius! Even though it’s a really random story(for me at least),you managed to give it a solid back story and thus inadvertently created a solid foundation for your story,so much potential…so many questions to be asked…

I want to rename the thread to

Hero/villain/slice of cake/cooking idea for a wip

but I’m going to be good.

(and I know he’s not a superhero but I think this is super too