Hero rise hero fall


“Thank you” for the answer. Bought steam version.


I guess not many people knew how to answer your question. I didn’t.

At least you can now answer it yourself for anyone else who has it, right?
Do tell us when you find out if it is compatible.


It’s seems they are not compatible. But you can use Android saves for steam? 0_o I don’t know, I have only full steam set, which fully compatible on current moment.


Can someone help me with the section of being stuck in prodgials mind? i passed the first part though.


Just try another options, you have infinity lifes, anyway)


Kind of a late reply so I hope this doesn’t break the no bumping rule, butI just purchased the game 3 days ago and I really enjoyed it. I kinda wished the story took place over a longer period of time but it was still super enjoyable. I’ve been playing it almost nonstop since then trying to get all of the achievements.

*Spoilers* My only problem now is that I’m really struggling to get the “martyr” achievement. I assume you need a low relationship score with Prodigal to get it but no matter what I do she saves me at the end. I can’t get her relationship score any lower than 3%. Even choosing options that I was sure lowered the relationship score won’t get me past 3%. Has anybody who got this achievement willing to share what they did?


I finished it today. There should have been a warning about the end. I mean, it is not usual to get to shed a tear while looking at your mobile phone. But, I just couldn’t help it. I was that attached to what was going on.

This is by no means a standard ChoiceScript game. The plot is great. I would give it 7 stars out of 5. In the same time, I didn’t feel much of the game, but who cares once you have such characters.

I managed to get the lowest anti-hero sentiment, which made me proud.

In terms of romances, it is really easy to fall for all of them. There is the sweetie (Lucky), the badass (Black Magic), the cute protector (Jenny) and Prodigal… who I regard to be the twin soul of the MC.

My guess is that it must be the most linear game to hit ChoiceScript ever. 100 k words felt like 200 k. Best gamebooks tend to be linear, this is what my experience shows.

What the author did very well (and it was revolutionary) was to ask the reader how they feel about what is going on. I am not sure if these are fake choices, but they are a courtesy to the reader.


Yes, where are fake choices. LOTS of fake choices. To many times they change only your legend score. What why i never really feel this game alive until Hero Fall events.


If a choice leads to a stat change, I don’t regard it as fake. But then, how do you know a stat changes unless the text tells you so. And, in this case, you don’t get indications (like in Life of a Wizard, for example).


By Perfect Legend Guide.


Can anyone please help because I can’t seem to save The Prodigy progress and load it in Hero Project. I really like this game and I would like to continue where i left off.


@Felaorla For that sort of help it’s generally better to email the choice of games support email address.


@FairyGodfeather I know and I did email the heroesrise support but I just can’t wait and I don’t even know if I’m doing everything right? Can you please just tell me how to make an account properly so I can save game progress?


I’m sorry I don’t know. I’ve had problems in the past with saving my own games.


@FairyGodfeather Okay. Appreciate the help anyway.


if prodigal died from using her infini powers then the MC is also at risk of the same fate, note how much the MC uses his or her infini powers in hero fall, The massive use of the Infini power is no different from how much prodigal used hers, im starting to see why the author firmly kept it at a trilogy, the MC is sure to die from the same illness prodigal had


and as for prodigals death and the ending i dont have much of an argument after reading other posts about the two, mainly because everything i wanted to say has already been said by other readers.


Rather than make two posts one after the other, about the same subject, you can go back and edit the first post and add in your comments.

And you know, since your statements are Prodigal specific you could have mentioned those in the Prodigal thread if you’d wanted to. They were relevant. (Just general criticisms of the game were a bit off topic).

I think, with Prodigal, the infini-cancer was caused by the abuse of her powers, specifically when she tried to destroy millions with her death-ray. But she used her powers all of the time in a way that the Hero never does. She’d also been doing so for years, whereas we didn’t even know we had infini powers until fairly recently.

I would think that if over-use of infini-powers is a cause of infini-cancer then Black Magic would be at a far greater risk. Still with Black Magic’s reality bending powers I’d suspect they could just wish it away. I really, really wish that Black Magic had just gone to a therapist and finished the game trying to save themselves as opposed to dedicating themselves to saving others. There was an awful lot of stuff related to Black Magic that I’d have liked to have explored and it just didn’t get any screen-time.


i like black magic because of her hero persona is dark, and i like prodigal because im into the crazy stalker chicks


Just finished this game today, and had to finish it all in one take because I was that deeply engrossed into it all. That said, this is by far my favorite Heroes Rise game thus far, and I especially loved how many of the issues I had with the two previous games were fixed so perfectly in this game without compromising the story by retconning or anything like that. For instance, Jury showed excellent character development after shooting Jenny (as opposed to his stereotypical rich brat persona in the first two games), Black Magic was once again the tragically broken character I had liked and sympathized with in the first game (as opposed to the selfish douche who really annoyed me in the second game), and even Prodigal’s character development, which in the first game seemed to have been slapped on as an afterthought, was played out so flawlessly that it was impossible for me to really hate her in the end even though I couldn’t stand her in the previous games.

And on a more personal note, I couldn’t have asked for a happier ending for my character. Everyone I had really wanted to see knocked off their high horses (Victon, the Meek, Rexford Schillers, etc.) got their respective comeuppances in a big way, everyone I had wanted to reconcile with my character and/or somehow have their own happy endings (Black Magic, Wintry, Rebellion, etc.) became friends with her again and got happy endings of their own, and all the relationships that I really liked and wanted to maintain stayed truer than I could’ve ever hoped for, with some of said allies (Jenny in particular) getting happier endings than I could’ve ever hoped for. (I especially liked being able to become friends again with Black Magic without compromising my character’s relationship with Lucky.)
I can think of only one thing that would’ve made this ending perfect (given inescapable factors like Prodigal dying and whatnot), and that’s if the PC’s love interest (if he/she has one) were to walk up to the PC at some point after the Devoid War, with all of the PC’s family and friends present, and propose to the PC right then and there. But as far as I’m concerned, that would’ve just been icing on an already delicious cake, so I’m content with saving that for my own personal headcanon.