Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


Wow, I kind of thought Prodigy and Herofall was a bit longer than that as well. I guess they are relatively linear though which makes a big difference to overall word count. Haven’t looked a the code but I suspect the coding is probably pretty efficient as well.


I liked the Jury romance because you don’t really have to change your playstyle to romance him. Lucky and Black Magic moved too fast for my liking and I found it annoying how they and Jenny were like “vote this way or i hate you” in heroes project even though only one person could win [i voted both lucky and black magic off]. Even though Jenny had the most logical reason for you to vote a certain way she still was imo unnecessarily angry if you voted Lucky off when her main priority was the investigation not the show [although i have to give Jenny a pass on this because it makes sense for her to micromanage others because of her profession and you do get to call her out on it a bit in heroesfall]. But heroes redemption is so much worse that I don’t know how start and I hope the entire thing is written off.

I’m going to start with the Jury romance. Sure maybe it was likely to fail, I played it in heroesfall as my MC being tired of fighting Jury from day one and thinking along the lines of ‘fuck what everyone else expects of me’ and ‘let’s see how this goes’, but his character was butchered in redemption. I disagree that a breakup was needed for Jury to grow as a person I think that’s just an excuse for poor writing, but having him be the boytoy of his boss, an older woman, wasn’t female empowerment it was just wrong. Her entire dialogue was cringey and since Jury is 23 and Diva is around 43 and Lyra [i think that was her name?] was around the age of Diva which places her at least 20 years older it was gross. I felt like Jury was shamed more for being a boytoy than Lyra was for being, frankly, pedophilic and after reading the whole book I get the feeling that if the genders and race were reversed it would have been written way different.

Speaking of genders and race. What the ever loving fuck. I liked the scene in heroes project where the characters discussed sexuality BECAUSE I got to know the characters beforehand, and seeing that wow they have their own problems outside of interacting with the MC made them more interesting/relatable. But in redemption there aren’t even characters anymore only soapbox stereotypes. Every single character introduces themselves as if they’re reading off a script [ha!] about what they represent and I didn’t get why I was so annoyed by that until I got to the part of Mach girl and the hijab. Like it’s such a small line, but at that point it felt like the straw breaking the camels back because hey I am a muslim woman with brown skin [newsflash Islam is a religion so anyone can be muslim including the 40yr old rich white guy] but that’s not all that I am; and reading that line made me feel the most insulted I ever had while reading a choicescript. You have all these unique superheroes and they were reduced to a stereotype, to a hijab. I am a person first not a representation of all the inequality and discrimination muslims face. Each character right off the bat would read about their struggles, I believe Miss Boss is the worst offender of this, and for some reason THAT was supposed to make me relate to them? Their struggles were supposed to define everything they were??? You can be trans/disabled/minority and still be a terrible person. People don’t have to like me just because I’m a token minority. There were so so so many more things wrong about the game that I haven’t even touched upon, like making voting off a character that was barely introduced somehow equivalent to letting your sister die, choices being so streamlined that your only options were really to support this idea aggressively or support it somewhat less aggressively, havng to play as the most boring MC ever, etc. But the worst would have to be having every. single. character. reduced to an identity. Like even if I was a character in this game and had superpowers, the only thing people would see me as would be a muslim. Not the powers, not the personality, just the stereotype.

This series had so much potential but in the end if I had to describe Hero Project: Redemption in one word, it would be disappointment.


Lbr: in the best case sergi is well meaning but “well meant isnt well done” as he does not seem to understand that while, yes, some anvils need to be dropped, they are not for everyone to drop, especially not if the person cares little for who they are dropped on. And in the worst case he’s working off some sort of checklist to earn ‘woke’/‘ally’ points just to stroke his ego.
I don’t know which it is, but i hope it’s the former and he genuinely learns someday (better sooner than later though)

then again… giving that we ended here AFTER he received criticism and THIS is his response… i dont have much hope…


Can somebody just tell me without any major spoiler whether at the end of the book we’ll discover that the MC has some ludicrous power?

It’s just after finishing the original trilogy with an Infini Powered at a perfect 100 Legend, I don’t think I can ever be ok with going back to a “normal” character


Well then get ready to have a pretty normal character


You discover that you are still cursed with your lame ass power.


Take an inspired guess.
Make of that whatever you want.



Can somebody just tell me without any major spoiler whether at the end of the book we’ll discover that the MC has some ludicrous power?

LOL. Just lol.

I apologize for sounding sarcastic. It’s just that the whole premise of this MC’s powers is so laughable that the idea of them developing ludicrous power is cringeworthy.


So I guess this isn’t going to be your usual gravity-bending, atomic-wielding and President-impeaching kinda guy? Bummer

Since I’ve already paid for the game, might as well unenthusiastically see what it’s all about then


By all means, ignore everything we’ve said on the forum, and go into the game with an open mind! That way you can make your own judgment about it first :slight_smile:

I understand how you feel, though, because when I first heard that this MC would have changing powers every day, I thought that had tremendous potential. As you’ll see, unfortunately, the entire thing is kind of a joke, tbh. I’m not trying to be savage, but that is honestly how I feel.


As a guy whose first COG game was The Prodigy, I have to say I was very disappointed with the spinoff and the similar plots that is used repeatedly. Shapeshifting powers on the daily basis was a very interesting concept but also incredibly difficult to pull off but I felt as if the author didn’t really put in much consideration for the readers, it was more like he was writing the spinoff for himself. The characters in there was pretty bland, especially the sister and the astronaut guy. Sure it was neat to see the cameos of the original heroes but maybe it would had been better if they kept them out for the first book, giving 100% attention to the new MC. I could go on and on about how I didn’t like the new series but that’s for another day and another thread, but it goes without saying that I’m definitely not interested in the sequel itself anymore. Sorry.


As a fellow writer, I can say this much:

The problem really seems to that, yes, sergi is writing for himself while simultaneously trying to please the fans.
Take the romance with Jury in part3 of HR. There by popular demand. Yet not only does it feel absurdly shoehorned in, the entire time Sergi snarls at the player for picking this romance, as if he had been forced to write it in at gunpoint.
Only to THEN go and have Jury break up with the old MC because… why exactly?
Only to THEN THEN go and double back down and make him available as a romantic option to both MCs now (this was already announced publicly, see above), after getting a lot of criticism for this.

The same with the cameos. They feel as lifeless as the new characters, I must agree here. And good heavens, the way he is bringing them back is such one to very easily backfire.


It would be do much better if Sergi focused on Versus and forget about the Hero Project.


Oh I’m not going to ask for spoilers, that would be pretty rude towards the readers that’s looking forward to the sequel and the author himself after putting in time for it. I just might get around to playing the demo for it but honestly I can’t see it catching my interest enough to actually buy the full game but I do agree that he’s trying to please the fans and himself but that never works out at all, you just can’t have both. Either you write it for yourself or for the pleasure of your readers, but the second choice is far more preferable if that’s possible for a story that an author is writing. I was pretty surprised to see Jury in the spinoff especially after I put him in jail (Never liked Jury and never will) so I felt like I was slapped in the face so I can imagine how the readers who romanced Jury would feel about him being with a old lady. I thought Jury was gay but I guess Sergei made him bisexual out of nowhere.


I learned one thing as writer, and gods, do I cherish that lesson:

Write for yourself, but do take the reader on a magic carpet right (yes, reference to Aladdin here).
If your readers want to see certain things, ask yourself 'do i want this and does it make sense’
if both questions get a ‘no’, don’t write it.
But if only one of them gets a ‘yes’ sit down and see how you can make yourself and the reader happy.

To roll with Jury, for example (spoilers for HR3 ahead)

It could have worked to, while not make him an romancable character, at least give him what fans are STILL craving for him: Taking the levels in badass that he was hitherto bared from. Imagine, if you like, the scene in HR3 where you try to save Miss Artillery. Have the whole drama with Jenny before that, move Miss A’s scene further back in the story and let Jury seemingly vanish after the bit with jenny. Now, imagine you desperately trying to save Miss A, with her clinging unto the sides of the narrow container for literally dear life, all your attempts failing, the acid rising below her, when suddenly the nasty liquid gets sucked out and the battered door opens, her stumbling into your arms. You turn, to find Jury with his hand on the control console, using the meek’s own arrogance (namely elevating him to some form of god thus giving him full access to their systems) against them.
Maybe even have him throw out a oneliner about how the MC needs to work on their ‘damsel in distress’-saving skills for a change. And then have him catch the MC’s punch midair. Bam, badass levels acquired.


Jury was always bisexual. He’ll flirt with a female MC in the first game too.


Ooooh okay thank you. My bad.


Did anyone play this game loading up a HR3 MC who romanced Prodigal? Just wondering if that makes any difference when MeChip Prodigal speaks about the original MC?


I think (just going by what’s on tvTropes about this) she gets really, really, creepily stalkerish fangirly.


Now I’m curious. I guess I’ll try it out. Thx.