Hero or Villain: Genesis (Video about features of DLC Supercharged #2133, releasing 2nd Nov!)

are these updates on the mobile version?

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Some of this would require a lot of work, and currently I’m only looking at making small improvements before Xmas (I don’t want to risk structural mistakes, as I want to start writing the next part this week). But, the suggestion of lifting train carriages is brilliant, just added it (will be implemented in next update!)


An earlier post has raised an interesting point. Basically, for the next update I would like to implement some power or ability combos. But, instead of trying to squeeze my brain of the likely power combinations people choose, I would like to open the floor for suggestions. These suggestions will be for existing combinations of powers (I don’t want to add any new powers into the game, as there are really just too many already).

The combos should be in the very specific, in the format:

Combo: flight power + fighting (>60%)
Fight: Museum fight against Steel Aeronaut
Description: fly towards the Steel Aeronaut, and wrestle its gun off from its hand
Effects: You can grab the gun and then shoot the SA with it

Please feel free to press “like” on the suggestions of other people (which I will consider to be votes). I will then go through the suggestions, and add the top 10 to the game (each will only be able to be used once per fight, though I might implement some of the most voted into multiple fights!)


@adrao in the path of the villain can you add the option of making robotic minions and customize them depending on the intelligence and the level of engineering of the character make them more human or robots?


@adrao, the part with the vampires, my character have the “hellfire” ability, but even so he goes to grab a torch to kill the vampires, he could just snap his fingers and presto, vampire ashes.


Hi… thanks for the suggestions, though the problem is that many of them pose structural problems to the game. For example, creating a tsunami in NY, or throwing a meteorite, would vastly change the world setting, resulting in structural problems. Also, I don’t want to add another career path, as I would have to change so much inside the game (plus, this is often a part many dont like). I am happy to place power combos (as per my post #1264, which was inspired by your post… but they have to be clearly something that many players want… I can’t place a power combo for each thing… I mean, I could do water and fire, but do many people really choose such a combination?). Also, generally speaking I am not looking to expand on the main story of the game anymore, but mostly just add side missions (which are much easier to deal with…). Basically, I am happy to make additions to the game that are easy to implement, and some of the things you are suggesting (while very interesting from a story point of view, are very difficult to implement at this late point…). Note also (@black) that some of the suggestions you are making might find their way into the second part of the story, which I am hoping to start writing tonight or tomorrow (and do feel completely free to continue to pester me on those points when I make the second part of the game!)

@Karizmatik_Kotu_Adam one of the new side missions will allow you to attack a police station, which hopefully should feel a bit more “joker style” :wink:

@RuffianDog321 Thanks once again! As I said earlier in this post, I am happy to continue to implement specific suggestions by people.

@black @yazata not sure… but given I am about to update the game again, I won’t follow with CoG yet. Do let me know if the next update (hopefully being sent later this week) does not come to steam, and I will chase it up.

@Gildarth good point, I corrected it! (fire is now an automatic win!!)


@adrao I received the update 1.1 in steam I hope to receive the 1.2 next to the one that will come this week, I will notify you if I do not receive both updates that I did not receive

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Combo suggestion: Combining melee weapons with super speed.

Combo: Strength+weapon+speed modifier+optional energy into weapon modifier
Requirements: Super speed/high fighting stat
Fight: Any
Description: Attack with my (weapon) using my super/animal speed
Effect: Increased risk/reward attack; succeed, and do more damage than normal. Fail, take extra damage from speed being turned against you, and possibly break your weapon.


If I’m being totally honest the only thing I found even somewhat lacking in your game would be the romance scenes. The romance didn’t seem to have any spotlight, which I’m not saying it should be in the front running. But it should definitely have more of the spotlight throughout the story. But that’s just my opinion, and I’ve only been through it twice when it first came out so if you’ve changed any of this since then, then I completely redact this entire statement. Lol
But on the whole, the game was fun and I had fun playing it.


@adrao I go to a page (steam id) and it tells me that the game is updated, however, I enter the game and it still hasn’t been updated why will it be?

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Hi, I do take your point. My games are often not renown for their romance options… to be honest most of the time it’s a bit of an afterthought. I can’t really say much more… I basically struggle with that part, and I can understand why many feel they lack deep heart. Having said that, I think some of them are better than others… it is possible to romance the Steel Aeronaut, or captain Villardi, which might be the better options? though the male options are just not as developed… it is definitively something I need to improve on… .

@black not sure to b e honest… but I am hoping to send the next update to CoG in the next few days, so I am reticent to follow on this at this point (given that the next version might stay there for longer, so if that doesn’t get updated then I will follow it up for sure)


Suggestion: Hivemind machine side-quest for mind power villiain. Build a machine that put the entire city under the conscious of a single mind.


I have a question (if you are not tired to asnwer them at this point lol), i think i had good luck because the thread isnt locked yet, What will be the beneficts of having Shiroi Yuki as Ghoul in part 2? my character is a yon-kyu level whose only powers are the vampiric, (btw thanks again for the flight power) so reliying on her fighting power would be a great factor for me in the next game, and talking about the next game more ghouls will be added eventually? i would have loved to see an easter egg since Tokyo Wizard is ambientalized in welll… Tokyo and Shiroi Yuki is the Tokyo protector.

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Keep up the awesome work man!!

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I don’t think that she will fight directly for you in the 2.Game. Because, like you know from the teaser at the end, that you get captured by a different race and taken wo another planet. That means that she could fight for you if you meet her again but I don’t think directly since they didn’t plan to take her.

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Your spoiler tag doesnt work

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I understand. Your games are awesome though. I love the wide range of options and paths; and the story was amazing too. Same goes for Tokyo Wizard.
But anyway,
I’d just add some romance scenes. Like a few scenes of the PC and the RO doing stuff together. Be descriptive when your having the 2 interact. Like (As you run your hand gently under their shirt, they release an anticipatory gasp at your firm yet soft touch.) Something like that.
A few scenes where they’d kiss and maybe mention some other stuff. I’m not saying you have to write erotic scenes or anything. Lol
Just be a bit more descriptive when it comes to the PC and the RO interacting.
That’s my only hang up with the game. All of the rest was spectacular. :+1::+1:

Also, another thing I like about your game (also Devon, Seraphine, and Jim are good at this too), but another thing I like about your games is the writing for same-sex RO’s.

It’s important to consider what your audience may want, and not a lot of people consider that. But I can’t stand RO’s that are built to an author’s preference. Particularly games that have several RO’s and essentially all of those RO’s are the same person.

Also, I don’t like RO’s that are wrote for “straight” “Female” characters that are rehashed and reused in “gay” “Male” characters. I sorta find it offensive and stereotypical that just cuz I play a gay character, that I get the reused RO for female characters. Especially since every RO for female characters is usually built like a brick outhouse and is very dominating, which is definitely not my type. Lol

But yeah sorry for the ranting. Lol
Just wanted to say I love ya games and I look forward to whatever wonderful title you make next. :yum::+1:

Don’t get discouraged, the romance so far in the game has its good points, especially with the new update. Some options may seem better than others, but that’s relative and true in most games involving romance. Including the game called “Real Life” heh heh. XxDrifter15xX gave some good advice worth using.

In my opinion, with the sheer amount of stuff happening in the MC’s life over the course of the story, finding time for romance would be difficult to start with, even for an I-kyu. Trying to find love anyway (or not) is a great option for helping a player bring their character to life, so to speak. The fact the option is there, to take or not, supplements the great main plot and chosen storylines.

In any event, with what happens to the MC at the end of story, the future possibilities for plot and character interaction, romantic or not, are nearly endless. I eagerly await the next part of this saga, and your future work in general.

@TheDrake that is a good one, though I think difficult given the limited story time available, and that it would be mostly for inventor-types, so I am reticent to work on that one (it would be a big investment in time, and at the moment my brain has started to go fully into the second part of the story!)

@BGL, basically, what @LucHD said is correct… though this does remind me I need to tweak the beginning of the second part of the game, to reflect to mention about those that have become vampires! (good that I got reminded about this here!) :slight_smile:

@RuffianDog321 ok, I’ll try to incorporate that suggestion. It won’t go into the update today (last few days I got carried away working on the second part of the story, but I wanted to send this new update to CoG today, so that people can have it over the holiday period).

@XxDrifter15xX ok, I’ll try to improve a bit on the next update. But, which one is your favourite? (basically, there are just too many characters to romance, so I am just trying to improve those that people find interesting… as in, no point putting work into characters that nobody ever reads about)

Just submitted v.1.2.1 to CoG. I don’t know when it will go online, but hopefully before the holiday period starts.

v1.2.1 Changes (347,000 words)

-2000 extra words.

-Added option to be able to train superhuman strength by lifting train carriages (only available once).

-Added side mission on villain path, allowing to attack a police station.

-Various bugfixes and typos corrected.