Hero or Villain: Genesis (v.1.4.1. is out for all platforms!)

You need to influence her emotions and make her like you.

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Hi, so I’ve played HOVG a couple of times and I was so excited when they impleted cheat codes as well since it really helped the story. But recently, when i try to make a new game and input a code it only lets me use that one code whereas earlier i could type in multiple codes for a single story. Please let me know if anyone else is having similar problems or any solutions to fix this! Thank you so much.

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Yes, it’s a bug. It will be fixed in the next update, although I’m not sure how long we will have to wait for it. Adrao has started working on Armageddon, so it might take a while before he returns his attention to this update. I’m just as excited, because I want a real super character.

Hello so the when I enter the play tester cheat code, I always try to buy the Supernova Blast power but it doesn’t display it in the powers and neither can I use it. The plasma stream power only seems to work

Any news on our unlimited cheats update yet? I’m very excited to use my super character.

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Unfortunately my progress on the update for Genesis has been… patchy. Basically I want the next update to have something more than just fixing the cheat system (which is important, but given that CoG staff are super-busy, I can’t just constantly request updates). There are a couple of things that I want to do for that update, including a new side mission that I have been playing around in my head… it keeps getting better -in my opinion- but I haven’t started writing it, yet alone coding)… My brain is all over the place these days (sometimes working on Armageddon, on which I have made some good progress; addressing comments from CoG staff regarding Icepeak Mountains and removing bugs there; etc). Anyway, the update will eventually happen, and hopefully be better than just some bug fixes (at least from those playtesting the game, as I am planning to keep it locked from other readers for now)


I just played this game for the first time since release and it feels so much more polished. I must appreciate this a lot more than I used to, because it is one of my favorites now and I was way too harsh before.