Hero or Villain: Genesis (v.1.4.1. is out for all platforms!)

I just have a question out of curiosity. When a game is being updated, how long does it usually take to reflect on cog/hg?


@0roxson0 Those are very good points that you make. Let me look into those, I am planning to further improve the game during the summer break, so I will hopefully implement a solution to those issues you raised! :slight_smile:

@Darthsoup mmmmmm that is strange, let me look into those also. I will be adding more powers in the following weeks, so I obviously want to check they are all working.

@Lonehero mmmmmm not so sure about this one. I mean, I could implement an option that is cosmetic and says “antihero”, but at this point the only thing you would get is many options in the game being blocked from the “antihero” player (there are parts of the game that respond to whether you are a superhero, villain and (to a lesser extent) vigilante. Which parts of the game would change for the “antihero”?

@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel this varies wildly, depending on how busy CoG staff are, and what happens during the submission process. Also, the updates across platforms are sometimes not implemented at the same time…Sorry about all this, though it is something outside my own control…


Is it only me, or new repairs (megabooster), hadn’t showed up or aren’t working?

Oh, well, if you want to, go ahead, thank you. I wasn’t suggesting an add-on, just sharing something I thought was funny.

I don’t think hosted games updated the game yet

The megabooster points aren’t being added when you pick a difficulty.

yeah, it’s a bug, but it should be sorted out once the update comes out.

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Not yet currently. We are still waiting for the update. For iOS users, I will take a guess and say tomorrow or over the weekend. Does anyone feel like guessing with me just for fun?


Got my money on Saturday or Sunday for android.


I say Monday


looks like we were horribly wrong with our guesses :disappointed:


Well lets go double or nothing I bet it comes out Thursday.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :disappointed_relieved: :sob::sob::sob:


I call Friday


I’ll go with Thursday also, since games usually come out on Thursdays. Rarely do they release on other days.

Well, I was wrong again. Saturday or Monday is my third guess. This is a stretch.

Imagine the date keeps changing because we guessed it correctly every time.


I was also hoping, but no reply from CoG. Given that it is August and that they just released a game, it could be that everybody is on holidays. Anyway, lets give them some time, hopefully they will get to it. I’m also taking some time off next week, though I might get to do some writing also… :slight_smile:


The update is here, bringing some good and bad news. The good news is that all cheats now seem to be working. The bad news is that we can’t use multiple cheats anymore. I must admit that I liked the first Way of entering cheat Codes better, as it allowed us to create A more versatile super character.


Sad days. F