Hero or Villain: Genesis (v.1.4.1. is out for all platforms!)

I can’t think of any instances where we aren’t allowed to use our powers, but i was talking more about variation in use, like being able to telekinetically throw or push our enemies, or use pyrokinesis on weapons like larisse’s scimitar, i realise now i probably could have worded that better, as for the other psychic powers i would have to think on that more then get back to you.

As for the other part i’ve been contacted by agent seidler in several playthroughs so i know it’s in the game, but would definitely like to see it expanded upon especially since you teased the possibility of being able to take over the world.

Hope that helps and thanks for the reply.

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Is there any wiki/walkthrough that has every choice/outcome/possibility detailed, and if not. Can someone make one, please?

Or in general, just a wiki.

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Picking up enemies themselves or their weapons, for extra ruthless characters we could telekinetically attack organs or specific body parts; using telekinesis to fly, or make other characters fly, attack with concentrated rays of telekinetic power rather than general weak telekinetic blasts, many other utilities that could be applied too, these are just off the top of my head as I’ve gotta run now, but yeah back when I was reading the first 2 stories I had noted of many times throughout the narrative where telekinetic powers could have been used

Also just generally for those with water powers: increased healing abilities(in many cultures and fantasy/even sci fi stories water is linked to healing abilities and such, Avatar the last air bender is a good example of this), a ray of frost or something more powerful than what essentially is lobing a small amount of acid at an opponent? as it stands the air element is the strongest(has the most attack options + the strongest ray option in the game) with none of the other powers baring physical attack damage from inventor or animal hybrid coming close to it’s damage output(fire technically also has the ray of plasma that air has I think but not only does that make it not special as a power type but also highlights that fire doesn’t really have that many power options in comparison to other powers). By far I feel that the light powers have the least utility/power options compared to all the others - idk I guess i’m just calling for a more balanced + “on theme” power structure?


You can view scenes script. https://www.choiceofgames.com/user-contributed/hero-or-villain-genesis/scenes/startup.txt


Waiting for elemental powers update :blush:


Will the third book be released ? If yes, will it in the world ?


I know I haven’t replied to everybody here yet, sorry about that (I was really busy with my other WIP until today). I am now hoping to spend a week or two updating this game. For a start, I have now implemented (based on many requests) some cheat codes. Obviously you won’t be able to use them until the next update is pushed (and we are still some weeks away from that). However, if anybody has any ideas how to call the cheats, and what they would do, please let me know! (please use the format below, which shows what I have coded so far).

Cheat title: touchedbymidas
Effect: Starting money +$30,000

Cheat title: powerbooster
Effect: starting hero points +100


Hmmm a couple off the top of my head would be:

Cheat title: alldone
Effect: Patent/design/work project task is completed(brought to 100%)

Cheat title: lovedbyall
Effect: gives relationship boost(maybe just max it?) to all/select characters

Cheat title: hybridvigor/endlesspossibilities
effect: Allows power selection from multiple/all power types(they can still only select one: ray type, shield effect type, stun type, etc…)

Also are there any updates to the powers themselves in the coming update by any chance? - thanks for the update!


Cheat code AllForOne allows the player to have access to all the powers from the start and maxed out


Apologies for the rapid fire posting here :sweat_smile:, would it be possible for an extra impossible mode to be playable in light of having these added advantages of extra abilities + wealth? One that would geniuenly be very difficult to beat even with those advantages?

It would certainly bring out the more fun aspects of being an over powered/versatile character. It might break immersion if you’re actually struggling to fight just a regular common criminal - so maybe this is more appropiate for the “Boss level” fights or most of the fighters in the Battle Royal game? Idk just a random thought I guess??

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I implemented all these! (thanks everyone! :slight_smile: )

(@YuleKitten well, the one for the specific powers not yet… I am adding new powers to the game now, so I will reserve that cheat code for the new powers, and only allow playtesters to check them for the time being, as I am pretty sure there will be problems with them). About the super-hard mode for people with the extra powers… no, I am currently not thinking about this, as the coding and re-balancing would be crazy. If enough people request it I might consider it in the future. I was initially reluctant to implement cheat codes, and I am only doing it as so many people have requested it that it is clear this is a thing many people want. Likewise, if after I implement this many people ask for a harder mode for the super-powered heroes, then I might do… but I first need to make sure the game works with the cheat codes and new powers, etc…

So yes, I am working on new powers… more on that later!


Cheat title:barefists
Effect: Max out strength but sets all other Stats to Zero
Cheat title: unbreakable
Effect: Max out endurance but sets all other Stats to Zero
Cheat title:bigbrain
Effect: Max out intelligence but sets all other Stats to Zero
Cheat title:circuskid
Effect: Max out agility but sets all other Stats to Zero
Cheat title: away
Effect: Max out psyche but sets all other Stats to Zero


I like the idea, but unfortunately these would be structurally very complex to implement (difficult to explain, just too many things would have to be changed). Sorry about that…



So, I am now starting to code new powers for the game. I am accepting suggestions, though they NEED to follow the pattern below (i.e they need to be high end powers, and be similar to the two patterns I am describing below… you can also suggest a new pattern, and I might consider such requests). I cannot promise to implement everything… but, the more details you provide me the higher the chance (especially about other specific instances in the game where they can be used, the easier it will be for me to think… note that this should be for both Genesis and Battle Royale, as the implementations should be done for both…). It is not easy for me to mentally go through the game thinking about how each power interacts with it, so the more you can help me the better! :slight_smile:

Power name: Supernova blast
Type: Fire
Damage: 120
Cost: 250
In combat if you use it you will lose 33% of your HP (!!!). Also, it is slightly slower than a normal blast, so there is a higher chance of your opponent dodging it partially (or completely). Can only be used from round 2 (needs time to gather energy)
Non-combat instances where it could be used: ?

Power name: Plasma outburst
Type: Fire
Damage: 100
Cost: 200
In combat: Much slower than a normal blast, so there is a higher chance of your opponent dodging it partially (or completely). Can only be used from round 2 (needs time to gather energy)
Non-combat instances where it could be used: ?


It’s completely fine, i was just spitballing those, excited to see what’s coming up though!

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I have ideas

  1. Meteor Strike

200 damage

Costs 350 Points

Can be used in combat, It takes a lot of energy to harness so it takes two rounds to manifest fire into a single meteor. Also, there is a higher chance that your opponent can dodge it because of how slow a meteor is. You also have a higher chance of getting hit if you try to use it, causing you to disrupt your concentration, canceling your attack and nearly having a chance to damage yourself

Can only be used if you have fire powers

  1. Energy Absorber

Has 3 levels (MK3 being the strongest)

Can increase your stats temporarily

10% for MK1, 25% for MK2, 50% for MK3

Costs 100 - 350 Points, 200 - 400 resource points if you want to invent one

Requires 80 - 90% intelligence (on account of now impossible to create with average human intelligence)

Can be used in combat to give you a temporary boost, although there is a chance your opponent can disable your absorbers temporarily. Can only be used for the rest of he battle. Can be used in non combat to either work on your job, or give a stats boost (Like better version of Enhanced Learning Capabilities)

Can only be used if you have Inventor powers and have a Power Armored Suit

  1. Berserker Rage

Increases Strength, Agility, and Endurance but you can’t temporarily control your character

Costs 200 points

Can be used in combat, you are stronger but you cant control yourself due to primal instincts. That means you are more likely to get hit due to your lowered guard

Can only be used if you have animal DNA powers

  1. Future Oversight

Can see into the future

Costs 400 points

Requires 75 - 90% willpower

Can be used before combat to see the outcome of the battle although it takes a lot of willpower so there’s a high chance to fail in the lowest willpower. You can also see what happens next but it takes higher willpower.

Can only be used if you have time or mind powers

  1. Hacking Computer

Can hack into any electronics. (Even Advanced Tech)

Costs 150 Points

Requires 75% intelligence

Can be used in combat and non combat. In combat, you can hack any electronics to either disable their attacks temporarily, use their tech against then, or control them.

Can only be used if you have inventor powers

Note: Hacking computer is a portable device


Hello! So these are my ideas, but I don’t know if they’re good. Haha! Anyways, sorry if they’re some grammar mistakes; English is not my first language.

Power name: Mirage
Type: Mind
Damage: varies
Cost: 430
In combat: Will trick the opponent’s mind into thinking that there are two of you by using illusion; the opponent’s mind will register your clone’s attack(s) as real, thus damaging them.
Risks being hit by the opponent, but doubles the damage of your next attack. (Requires a remarkable psyche)
None-combat instances where it could be used: none

Power name: Astral Spectre
Type: Mind
Damage: none
Cost: 430
Incombat: Can be used only to spectate or talk with the opponent, as it cannot deal damage physically. The opponent also cannot damage you as your real/physical body remain hidden. This may be used as a trap as your real self ambushes the enemy. By using this, you manifest your mind into taking a form similar to yours, thus making your offensive powers weaker than usual as long as you are using this power. (Requires an indomitable Psyche)
None-combat instances where it could be used: This may be used to attend two events at one time. Your clone can not attend missions. Your real/physical form can, but mind powers will be weakened. After your real self had finished that said event, your clone will also come back to your mind, updating you briefly of what happened. You will still get to pick the choices your clone made. (Requires an unearthly psyche)

Power name: Fabrication (Golem)
Type: Earth
Damage: 20 , and endure 60 damage (depends on the situation).
Cost: 300
In-combat Use: the user will summon a golem that can attack or defend. The golem can attack your opponent for 3 rounds before crumbling, as everytime the golem attacks, it also receives damage similar to its damage. The golem will only protect the user when the user failed to dodge nor defend themself. If the opponent’s damage that the golem recieved is equal to or greater than 60, the golem will crumble.
None-combat: ?


Power name: Shadow Barrage
Type: Shadow
Damage: 120
Cost: 400
In combat: The User “melts” into the shadows to sporadically rush towards other shadowy areas as a means to attack their opponent. It requires a High Agility Stat and a High Marksmanship stat.
Non-combat instances where it could be used:

Power name: Portal Creation
Type: Miscellanious
Damage: N/A
Cost: 500
In combat: The user creates a portal that can allow them to move around and avoid attacks. The portals can also be used to redirect objects. Requires Teleportation or have Time as chosen power.
Non-combat instances where it could be used: Allows user to move anywhere they have previously visited.

Power name: Gaia’s Tomb
Type: Earth
Strength: Varies
Cost: 200
In combat: Stones encases the target in a sphere shape. For defense, the tomb can protect the MC for a certain amount of damage based on the Endurance Stat. However, the MC’s Endurance Stat will temporarily drop by 5% every time it is used. For offense, The sphere will contain an enemy on its own for 3 turns.
Non-combat instances where it could be used: ?


Replies, starting from post #1416.

@Darthsoup, agreed about EGHI, and started to add more powers (I added lighning storms, ice storm, and supercold blast, as suggested). I am currently working on v.1.4. which is a major change to the previous version of the game (as it adds the possibility of cheats and the implementation of new powers, but only for playtesters… as I am too afraid I will create massive bugs in the game with them, so I am only considering letting playtesters play with them for the time being)

The discussion of fairmath… yes, I take all points mentioned. Basically, some of the achievements are harder than others, but…well, yes, they are supposed to be achievements and difficult (to be honest, when I code the achievements I am often not certain myself whether they are possible… I even think some should be impossible, so I am then surprised how people manage to get them!). As I have said in the past, I like creating game worlds/systems, not necessarily playing them. So, I create the mechanics, but I am not certain whether certain paths are possible or not (which I find is fun in a way… as in, many people seem to know my games much better than I know them!) :slight_smile:

@Elemental glad you like it :slight_smile: . While I sometimes ask the reader what he/she thinks, I prefer whenever possible not to tell the reader what they should be thinking. If you feel guilty or not is up to you.

@TheJake_Kelly3 @Elemental so far I provide the option to be a “vigilante”, which should be somewhere in between? So, the game will label you as a superhero, vigilante or supervillain. But, is there another term for what you are describing? Mmmmmm

@Pedro_Aires I am reluctant at the moment to let characters improve their main type of ray blast… what would be the logic for something like this happening? As in, currently you can improve your marksmanship (there is a logic to that), which means you will do more damage (by your opponent being less likely to dodge). I am adding more elemental types of power, but I am open to suggestions! :slight_smile:

@Elemental post #1450, hopefully in part 3 something like this will happen :slight_smile:

@Lonehero and, since my last reply to you, thinks clearly didnt go according to plan, as I am only now getting to this!

@Darthsoup regarding Catalina, what is your psyche? She has a relatively decent psyche of 20, so if your psyche is low she will react negatively to what she perceives could be an intrusion.

@TheJake_Kelly3 added two more powers to water. Let me know how this feels, when you get to play it!

@Darthsoup corrected the bug you identified in post #1466. About the bug you reported in #1473, is there any chance you could send me some screenshots? It seems you may have found a major continuity bug, though I am not sure at which point does it exactly happen…

@tbs9090 for taking over the world you definitively have to wait until book 3! :wink:

@Chicken_Stripz I certainly don’t have it sorry, despite it being my own game…

@YuleKitten started to add more powers (in reply to post #1502). However, reluctant at the moment to add more to telekinesis and mind powers, as I feel (as indicated also by others) that this set is rather well developed compared to other powersets?

@Kulkan_Erdenet unfortunately I haven’t even started working on that yet… hopefully during the summer break…

That brings me to post #1515. I have sent this to CoG for the time being, and will later work on other power suggestions. Basically, I want to first see that the new changes I make aren’t massively breaking something…

Powers added so far:

Things to do:
-Write second EGHI story


Nice i really like the idea of cheat codes, heres one i would like to see.

Cheat title: jacked
Effect: all stats maxed