Hero or Villain: Genesis (v.1.4.0. is out, implementing cheatcodes, #1532)

Thanks for all the feedback so far! :slight_smile:

Note a couple of things:

-There is another “cheat code” for playtesting: playtestersareheroes If you use this, you will have access to new things in the game (only for those willing to playtest, as in, I want to give people the chance to playtesting first in case there are any bugs, etc. So far, what are there are only new powers.

-It seems the game is not yet live on Android. CoG have told me it may take a few days, but hopefully by next week…

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I know that’s how you are supposed to get it but something should be wrong with the code since it does not work. It automatically turns me into a supervillain before getting “former_hero_turned_villain” so getting it is not possible.

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Can I ask which part about the regeneration powers was fixed?


You can enter cheat codes multiple times

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What new powers are implemented when you use the tester cheat code?

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Found a bug with cheats, when you use touchedbymidas it automatically closes cheat menu and you can’t put in anymore cheats. Also the booster cheats don’t work because difficulty sets the points after they are used.

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Is it possible to get 91+ Psyche without getting the max 180 point cost upgrade at the start of the game? I tried the second strongest and got 90 by the end.

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Just tried the AllForOne cheat code and took the resultant i-kyu character to the end of Battle Royale. Tons of fun.

(Silly head canon moment from playthrough:)

Splash Tornado internal monologue: “Hah, so I’m up against Derecho, some squishy archer in a sewer environment? This should be easy.”

(Derecho appears, fires weapon, badly wounding Splash Tornado.)

Splash Tornado: “Oh ****, that’s a railgun…”
“OH ****!! THAT’S A RAILGUN!!”
(Five points if you get the reference.).

Just simply having the option to expand power choice beyond the initial power sets adds tons of replay ability. I’m very glad this was added. Great stuff, looking forward to what’s in the future.


the allforone cheat code wouldn’t work for me, how did you use it.

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I typed “AllForOne” in the cheat code entry screen after using the “playtestersareheroes” code in the same screen. Remember that the codes are case-sensitive and contain no spaces.

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About to submit v.1.4.1 to CoG. Replies starting from post #1521 (do let me know if I have missed someone). Note that these replies are mainly related to bug corrections (not additional powers, as I am hoping to work further on this in coming days/weeks). Basically, the game is not yet up on Google, so I will just use this as an opportunity to update the game there…

@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel Implemented your suggestion to disable some achievements (related to high stats) if cheat codes are being used.

@Mysterious_Person you have to become a vampire in book 1 for that option to be present. Otherwise you cannot play a vampire (i.e. it is only for characters going into book 2… if you start a new game from book 2 then the option will not be given).

@YuleKitten sorted the bug about the megabooster code, thanks!

@Darthsoup (and others) corrected the problem about the game not letting you start if you dont use the touchedbymidas code.

@0roxson0 currently there is a limit of about 55 for the armour. For this, however, you would have to “gamble”. As in, making small improvements will only get you to 40. Basically, at this point the game uses a random number generator. If you roll lower than you INT/10 then you get a +15 or +20, depending on the systme you were going for (+10 and +15 if you roll under your INT). Note that if you roll over yout INT you lose -10 or -15 in the armour. And, there is always a 10% chance of losing -15 or -20 (independent of your INT). So… you can experiment, but there is a big luck component involved… as with many scientific discoveries!

@0roxson0 hopefully I fixed the former_hero_turned_villain bug. Should work now, which should give you extra options when going through the villain path of the game (which wouldn’t have been showing earlier, as this variable was always turned off). This should add a lot of extra flavour to the game. Thanks for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

I think it should be possible to romance Emily (@Darthsoup ). Is anybody else having problems with this?

@0roxson0 I cannot remember exactly which bugs I fixed (I did that a long time ago). Have you found any other bugs related to regeneration?

@That_one_guy For now the only new powers implemented are the ones in the list below. I am hoping to get some more coded in the next few weeks…

@HighKings_Ruin I am not sure about that, sorry. I would think it is not possible, but sometimes people find a way to do things.

@RuffianDog321 Splash Tornado will now react if you shoot your railgun at him.

@majinmike the cheat codes are case sensitive… but anyway I also made it so that one is not case sensitive.


@RuffianDog321 ah, what I mean is that this will be the case in the next update to Battle Royale, but it’s unlikely this will be pushed for the next few weeks…

Excellent. I can’t wait to get my hands on the hero points. I wish I could have 1.4.1 already. In all seriousness, thanks again for allowing us the freedom of creating a fantasy character.

Will we be be able to enter megabooster more than 3 times?

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I sure hope so. Currently, we can enter any code as many times we like, except for touchedbymidas. However, that bug is also now been corrected. I can’t wait to have the greatest fantasy character ever.

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Same :slight_smile:

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Right so from what I can see regeneration is supposed to be stronger the more max_hp you have. For example, the strongest regeneration power is supposed to heal 100% of my max hp from daily regeneration and 1/5 of the max hp during each round in a fight. The first problem is that it calculates the current max hp you have at the moment you chose the regeneration power which is 24. The max hp you have during power selection will always be 24. This is because during power selection increasing endurance really just increases endurance and nothing else and the increased max hp from the endurance is only added after the power_selection so really when you choose powers your max hp is always 24 and doesnt change until you select “I am done selecting my powers”. That is the first and only time it calculates how much you regenerate so throughout the whole story you will only regenerate 1/5 of 24 health during fights and 24 health daily even if your max hp is a lot higher from the power selection or from consuming stones/blood. I think this is the main problem for why regen does not work. It only works well for characters with 24 or less max hp. The only exception to this is when you get regeneration from being a vampire since it calculated your max hp when it has already increased but the regeneration during fighting will be about the same or slightly stronger than 24 max hp with the strongest kind of regeneration even if you have high endurance since the regeneration given is the weakest one with 1/24 of your health regenerating every round in a fight.

Another problem would be that it calculates how much you regenerate only once. Like if you go through choices where your endurance (max hp) decreases or increases the regeneration will stay the same since it is not calculated again. It only decreases or increases your max hp and does not affect how much you regenerate.

And for the inventor armor I don’t mean that the small improvement option greys out when my armor is 40. I mean I chose to get 40 armor during power selection and the option to upgrade the armor itself greyed out so I can’t even choose the way I want to upgrade the armor after power selection. Also the small improvement option greys out when your armor is 30 or higher. You have to be every lucky since have to get 55 armor in one try since the option the upgrade armor in any way greys out after it reaches 40 and above.

Also when fighting as someone with speed you have the option to pummel people with speed and the damage code is “enemy_hp - ((strength * speed_damage) - enemy_armour)”. I think the code is a bit off since if you have a speed multiplier of 8 and like 50 strength you basically have an attack worth 400 strength and that’s basically a one hit kill. I think it would make more sense if the code was “enemy_hp - ((strength - enemy_armour)* speed_damage)” so that the speed character doesn’t have hulk’s strength just because the character’s strength was one point higher than the enemy’s armour.

I couldn’t see new powers (exept plasma one), despite cheat codes.

If I could suggest something for down the road, considering something like this would take a while to implement, maybe there could be an antihero class in addition to the others, hero vigilante and villain. Something in between the moralities all together. Just a suggestion though.

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