Hero or Villain: Genesis (Updated to v.1.4.2., new content in post #1687)

Is there a blurb of the plot for that game anywhere?

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@Francisco_Mendez thanks :slight_smile:

@SilverSwordSlayer no blurb… Haven’t gotten that far. Normally I do that last. But basically the game will pick up second after the end of Battle Royale and follow what happens then. There should be significant branching at the end, and currently I have three major groups of endings planned (following the conflict to the end, conquering your own planet, or returning to earth). These should then have further mini branching inside them depending on various things (whether you are a vampire, events in the other books etc)


@adrao Can we conquer earth?

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Frick yeah! Please!

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Anyway to get powers akin to superman or omni-man or even thor (minus the control over thunder)?

Godlike strength & durability with flight and an accelerated healing factor?

I’ve figured out how to get the strength, and the durability. Even the healing factor and flight. But that’s only possible through the animal based powers path. I don’t want to rely on wings in order to fly. I would really really prefer to have the brain AND the brawn. (Animal path lacks a lot of brain)

Please help


To be very very specific on the powers I am looking for.

I’m trying to get powers akin to the fictional races below :

  • Kryptonians of DC
  • Asgardians of Marvel
  • New Gods of DC
  • Amazons of DC
  • Valkyrior/Valkyries of Marvel
  • Eternals of Marvel
  • Olympians of Both Comics
    (Primarily Marvel’s Version)
  • Viltrumites of Image Comics
  • Atlanteans of Both Comics (Primarily DC’s Version)

Which means I am looking for :

• Titanic or Unbelievable Strength
(71 - 91+ Strength)

• Superhuman Agility
(31 - 50 Agility)

• Unearthly or Unbelievable Durability
(71 - 91+ Endurance)

• Legendary Intellect
(51 - 70 Intelligence)

• Indomitable Will
(51 - 91+ Psyche)

All of this stacked on top of flight, or at least some other “bonus” power. Like semi-immortality and/or eternal youth. Or at least something similar such as exponential longevity. Or maybe becoming more powerful with age and experience like the Asgardians of Marvel Comics?

Is there any way to make this possible?

Theres no way your going to get all that on a character unless you use cheat codes or export your save to the next game, though you can come close if you choose to play a villian.

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The flying brick isn’t an available mix from a single source, sadly. Flight and strength don’t go together except in animals. :frowning:

So, don’t rely on your starting powers! You’ve got the EHGI, you’ve got the other stones in the museum and the Aeronaut’s lair, and you can use both to push up a fairly normal strength to Superman levels. Alternately, you can use that brain to make a flight gadget.

As for animal brains, that’s not really too restrictive. You can still get a mundane doctorate, which should be good enough for whatever you’re doing - asking for superhuman intelligence too is a little much, though you can always study up later.

What I don’t think you really can get (aside from cheating) is simple “competence in everything from the start.” If you just want godhood as a power, you’re going to have to hunt for stones and other ways to continually empower yourself.



I am indeed essentially searching for godhood or something close enough :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Anyway to properly get to that without losing my righteousness in the process?

Nope. It’s the one truth of this world: power belongs to those who claim it.

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Hm well the stats I’ve gotten by being animal based but still a good guy :

• Titanic Strength, Lifting up to 100 tons. Known to lift extra during extreme conditions.
(71 - 90 Strength)

• Superb Agility, with an excellent sense of equilibrium and superhuman acrobatics. Only the best marksman can even hope to land a shot.
(51 - 70 Agility)

• Unbelievable Durability, can even shrug off canon fire.
(71 - 90 Endurance)

• Genius Level Intellect & Master Tactician, with a PhD in All types of academics.
(31 - 50 Intelligence)

• Indomitable Will, Able to fend off the attacks of all but the most powerful telepaths.
(51 - 70 Psyche)

Any possible way to get better stats as a earth-based enhanced?

Did you steal the stone from the museum, and did you visit EHGI?

Neither method is precisely righteous. :slight_smile: (One could argue that the Aeronaut’s stone also belongs to someone…)

I visited EHGI (and to be fair, they were doing very nefarious things in that building). As for the stone, what stone are we talking about? I stole the stone from Aeronaut, but is there another stone?

There’s two. One you can steal from Aeronaut at the museum (which is museum property) and the other you can steal from Aeronaut after defeating her in the final battle.

Well Taken, it is possible.

Now, this is an Omniman build, so we are making a villain, not a hero

First, very easy difficulty, we’re gonna need all the points for this shit

Go look at bridges or start as an engineer, we need some skill for later

Your natural skills will be:
Lot of intelligence
Some psyche
Bad strength

And we are making an animal based hero

Get ALL the stat increases
(Including the non superpowered ones)
An armored skin
Every fighting increasing ability
Enhanced learning
And double animal speed.

Next, when available we’re gonna use our big brain to make a flying device, which is gonna help us break into the EHGI institute

And now, we will inject ourselves with steroids, increasing our strength by sacrificing our intelligence, we don’t take the intelligence because it will eat a lot more of our strength and I think it was agility.

But, that doesn’t matter because we’re gonna lose the fight against the steel aerounat at the museum, and grab that stone to make ourselves smarter.

Keep doing some random stuff and eventually chase the steel aerounat to Mongolia, but first, we’re taking the detour

Once you find Ms Dragos, ask to become a vampire, which ironically will give you enough psyche to prevent the mind control and take the power for yourself. Also, I noticed at this point I didn’t grab a healing factor, so I took this one.

After beating Ms Dragos and fighting the steel aerounat, drink her blood, all of it. Finally, start the machine and you have the final stone to increase your psyche.


It is possible, it just takes an insatiable lust for power.